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15 Sep 2017 08:49:29
Everton have lost three on the trot and things are not good for them. They played yesterday so have little time between. Ow and Sunday to sort things out. We may see a backlash but if get an early goal then it could be a solid win. I know it's a strange old game sometimes but we need to go at them.

I also think Wayne will try too hard and get himself at least booked, possibly sent off.

On a separate note, have you seen the press reports about Jose falling out with Herrera? Ed02 alluded to it in the Summer, perhaps this was it.

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15 Sep 2017 09:52:51
Pretty sure things were patched up with Herrera before the end of last season. New rumour is that he brought a friend to the training ground, and Jose wasn't impressed.

15 Sep 2017 09:59:13
I hope it isn't true but if it is, it is a very bad sign for us and I see a usual season 3 meltdown coming for jose, he seems not to have learnt from his Chelsea and Madrid debacles.

15 Sep 2017 10:18:41
I hope we go at them from the off, attacking line up 4-2-3-1.

15 Sep 2017 11:52:00
I think that's likely Stockport. Can see Matic, Felli, and Miki in the centre with Rash and Mata wide. We don't have to worry about pace in the middle because Everton have none, so dominate them physically, and hit them with our own pace up front.

15 Sep 2017 11:56:36
I think the friend to training was before last year's Europa League semi final, Jose went mental but whilst they have got over it, it took s suggested their relationship is not the same. If he delivers on the pitch I am sure it will all blow over.

15 Sep 2017 12:38:02
Maybe if they have fallen out its herreras fault CSM.
He has found himself out of the team due to matic arrival and form of matic and pogba. He has maybe fallen behind fellaini in the pecking order due to fellaini playing really well when called upon. He just has to suck it up and wait for his chance. Pogba being out for a few weeks should ensure he gets a chance.
Personally i wouldn't read too much into these reports at all. Herrera was praised by jose on his attitude 10 days ago so i'm not concerned.
Herrera is the one who should be concerned as he is not getting into the team. No nore so than smalling darmian martial etc.

15 Sep 2017 13:29:24
How the hell is bringing somebody to training a problem? There has to be more to it, I very much doubt the "friend" was sat in the changing room, eating with the players, picking up cones, nutmegging Rooney etc.

Herrera is a quality player, but he is a bit wasteful with the ball, a bit reckless with the tackle, a bit lax with his positional play and a bit too emotional during games which effects his concentration and leads to the three earlier problems. These slight negatives will seem like hell on Earth to Jose, they will rile him more than anything else. I also think he has lost out on account of him not being as creative as Pogba or 2nd midfielder (Miki), and not as good defensively as Matic (or physically) . Probably nothing to do with behind the scenes issues, but none of us know and the news he was talking to Barcelona last year was disappointing to read.

In saying all this I imagine Jose is a bit of a loose cannon, kind of like a Roman Emperor deciding the fate of a fallen gladiator, reminds me of the baddy in the film Gladiator without the incest. He is utterly ruthless and the kind of guy that holds grudges in my opinion. Just like LVG trying to second guess their decision making is futile - I'm pleased Jose isn't my boss that's for sure, lifetime to build up the relationship, innocuous minor issue to turn you into his nemesis. Probably what the Chelsea lads were so annoyed about with his treatment of the physio and other things.

Hard being a manager these days with so much social scrutiny and "feelings" going around. I'd back the manager over Herrera even though I assume Jose is the one making a mountain out of a mole hill, it's his prerogative and Herrera just needs to work hard and watch his 6 figure weekly salary fly in.

15 Sep 2017 13:42:07
Beast, Herrera who was player of the year last year?

15 Sep 2017 16:49:00
Yeah he was my player of the year as well AJH, not sure what your question mark is for mate. My post was more of a ramble about things in general relating to him and Jose rather than saying he is or isn't good enough. Although I do think he will struggle to be in the starting 11 for vital games if all players are fit.

I would say that if you are winning league titles and important cups then I doubt you can do that if Herrera is your player of the year though.

15 Sep 2017 17:17:00
Lol, the question mark was because of your opening sentence, 'bit wasteful with th ball, bit reckless in the tackle, but lax positionally and over emotonal'

15 Sep 2017 17:29:40
the friend that he showed around was from celta before we played them in the semi final.

JM being JM and not wanting any of his training notes leaked would have considered this a potential betrayal and stupidity on herrera's part.

but as previously mentioned this was last season and has been put to bed by the both of them.

old news as they have nothing bad to say about us at the minute.

had rooney still been with us they would still be reporting on his drink driving

i would forget about it.

the story today is he is angry with pogba. really. maybe he is maybe he isn't but unless JM has told someone this then again another story made up to get the click bate.

16 Sep 2017 12:09:47
not the first time alleged problems betwen herrea and JM and once matic came in I felt herreras game time would be shortened. January could be interesting, but would be hesitant to lose him because of what he can offer.



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