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04 Aug 2017 12:17:22
Shappy, Bale is 28 years old and in his prime. How on earth can you say his best days are behind him and he is in decline? This thing where people feel any player over the age of 24 is in decline is madness.

Neymar just went for a reported £222m plus wages equating to a reported £400m. If you claim Bale is only worth £50m you are saying Neymar is four times more impressive than Bale? I don't think so.

Yes Bale has had his fitness issues, so has Messi and Ronaldo but he keeps himself in great shape, doesn't drink or smoke and is committed to his game. When his pace dies out in 4 or 5 years he will adjust his game like all good players. His dead balls and vision are incredible he may become more of a Beckham type player or an out and out striker like Ronaldo has done.

You couldn't make half this stuff up. Folk are comparing Bale to Hargreaves. From the stats I see he really hasn't missed that many games. He steps up in big games and would be significantly better than any player on our books.

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04 Aug 2017 12:53:29

While he maybe 28 and as you say, have a lot of miles left in him, the one thing that Ronaldo and Messi have is a proper football brain. I don't think Bale has that. When his speed goes, which it already is if you look at his stats, Will he be a striker? Number 10? i'm not sure. His injuries have held him back and no doubt, a brilliant player on his day but if you offered me Bale of Greizmann, It wouldn't be Bale.

04 Aug 2017 12:53:33
I agree MAZE, he is a lot better than what we already have and if we could get him for anywhere near £80m that would be a bargain in my opinion, as for those that say he is injury prone well so was Van Persie but given the right fitness regime look what he did for us in the season with Fergie.

04 Aug 2017 13:13:17
Maze, it hasn't happened many times over the years, and probably won't again for a few, but I couldn't agree more! We're talking about one of the top 10 players in the world here. He is one of the elite who can drag a team through a match single handedly and is already premier league proven. I would love us to sign him. Couldn't care less about the cost of it. He's 28 at his PRIME, his peak years. If he only played 25 premier league game a season I'd wager he'd contribute more goals and assists than Perisic playing 38.

04 Aug 2017 14:31:40
My only worry is that he seems more injury prone than smalling Jones and Shaw put together.
I don't think he's an amazing player but on his day, he can destroy any defence.
If I was going for consistency, then I'll go for Sanchez before Bale.

04 Aug 2017 14:48:59
Long time reader (several times a day), first time poster

Quick question if any of the ed's are available. Reading slot of talk about Bale these past few days and I believe it's on the back of a recent article stating that Madrid would need to release a player before signing Mbappe.

I don't believe Bale to united has been mentioned on the Sharkpods, and he has never been mentioned as a genuine target in the posts I have searched.

Do you believe Bale would be available this transfer window, and if so, do you believe United would be interested?

Thanks for all the information you have provided across all the pages and the time you have put in.

{Ed025's Note - welcome cumbria, i dont see bale moving this window to be honest but when he does im sure united will be one of the clubs interested mate..

04 Aug 2017 14:43:02
I'd like to add, why is Bale going to lose his pace in the next couple of years? Has Robben? Would you say Robben isn't a top player anymore?

04 Aug 2017 15:11:56
Beckham didn't exactly rely on his pace, and I'd say Bale's left foot is as good as David's right.

04 Aug 2017 15:20:44
Dunno why but I'm not really sold on bale I know I should be but I'm just not.

04 Aug 2017 15:23:35
But robben doesn't have a history of knee and ankle issues and his game has never relied on pure pace, more on skill and close control.
Bale is too much of a risk. For what he would cost we could buy Jose's choice, peresic plus a right back eg aurier thus addressing 2 areas that most fans think need strengthening.

04 Aug 2017 14:59:51
Thanks for the quick reply! Hopefully we should see Peresic added this window, then I believe we are in a better position to put up a challenge.

{Ed025's Note - no probs mate..

04 Aug 2017 16:12:31
Didn't we have a poll set up about Bale or Greizmann recentley? I don't think anyone doubts his ability or talent but I just don't see him being worth the same as Greizmann pretty much. 2 years younger and a player who can play along the front line and not struggle at all. You have to take injuries and all sorts of things into consideration when buying such a dynamic player. Look at Henderson (I know, but stay with me. ) Fergie pointed out in his book that his running style will cause all sorts of niggling injuries in the future and you have to say he was right. Clubs have people looking at every specific detail. Each signing is basically an investment in an asset. While they might boost the profile of the club, no point in having someone who is either going to be a gamble on fitness and ability in the next few years. 90 Million for someone you say has 3 years left is not a good investment in my eyes.

04 Aug 2017 16:13:22
Bale's problem is his body. He can't stay fit for more than 10 games.
When you look at Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar he's not even in the same league.
I have never been a massive Bale fan to be honest. just my opinion.

04 Aug 2017 20:01:21
Two words 'Wayne Rooney', got to his peak and then dog S***. Rooneys decline was due to his Sh*tty lifestyle and I think the same will happen to Bale due to his recent injury problems and his reliance on his pace, not his fault on this occasion but I think the end result could be the same.

People point out the past 3-4 years as proof that he isn't injury prone, but when you are shelling out what could be £80-100m plus wages, you have to look at the recent past more than the seasons before. Paying that would be hugely risky for me. We got burned with Hargreaves so have been here before and he didn't cost anywhere near as much.

As I've said a few times before, if he had more to his game, didn't rely so heavily on pace and was less injury prone as Ronaldo has been, then it would be a no brainer. But for the figures involved I'd wait and see if we can get Griezmann next summer. Yes he's not proven in the PL but neither are Bales now older and more worn muscles and ankles, which would take a bigger beating in this league.

Having one of the top 10 players in the world in your squad is amazing, but when they spend most of their time in the physio room they are no better than a local pub footballer.

04 Aug 2017 20:36:02
Simo ' he can't stay fit' that's simply not true mate. He had played 244 games in last 5 seasons in all comps.

04 Aug 2017 21:13:32
Just thought I would post Bales minutes played over the past 5 seasons for Real, as i don't give a toss what he does on international unless he gets injured. They are as follows

16/ 17 - 1937 mins - equivalent of 22 x 90
15/ 16 - 2382 mins - equivalent of 26.5 x 90
14/ 15 - 4038 mins - equivalent of 45 x 90
13/ 14 - 3327 mins - equivalent of 37 x 90
12/ 13 - 3891 mins - equivalent of 43 x 90

Not sure how many were full 90 mins and how many were sub appearances etc, but the past 2 seasons are worrying for an £80-100m player for me.

04 Aug 2017 22:19:28
Sorry 12/ 13 was Spurs and not Real, but I was just including club games only.



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