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31 Jul 2017 17:50:32
Can we just get clarity from the Fellaini fans here. I've asked a few times and the answer is "He offers something different". So what is it he offers? What exactly is it he brings to the table, is it pace, speed of passing, ability to play that killer pass, get in behind the defence, create when teams sit in, someone explain to me he brings, and what position he is? Does anyone know his position, does he have one?

Maze; you quote my "hatred" for him, this is simply not true. I just don't deem effort alone to warrant a place in our squad where we aspire to be the best in the world again. Or £70k in wages. I have NOTHING personal against him, I have only ever sung his name at old Trafford and will continue to as long as he's in our shirt. But I don't want our option B to be long ball. I don't want our option Z to be long ball. There are players with far more technical ability who also have heart. Pierera had the potential to be a very good midfielder. I would 100% love to see him given game time over Fellaini.

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31 Jul 2017 18:13:14
Totally agree Stand. As I said further down the page, I see him as an ideal player for the Premier league as it was 20 years ago. Lots of long balls and physical battles. He has chipped in with big goals and has more reason than most to not give 100% due to some over the poor behaviour of our fans. However, he kept going which is to be admired.

I don't think he will ever shake the tag of a plan b. Nothing against him personally but just because a player works hard and never complains doesn't mean they are good enough. There are thousands of players who do that across the world. Not all of them are good enough to play at the top end of the Premier League.

31 Jul 2017 18:29:31
I've never been a fan and would have preferred we hadn't signed him but the abuse he gets on here is ridiculous. He is a grea guy in the dressing room apparently, a real team player, always gives his all, and has scored some important goals. What is his role? I guess he is a disruptor or Plan B knock it up to the big lad. I'm happy for hjust m to leave but the booing in the ground and the abuse on here is completely unnecessary.

31 Jul 2017 18:42:19
And I forgot to add, Red Man's post which has been removed saying he was ashamed was ridiculous. Red Man has been around a long time and he will know we have signed far worse players who hat Fellaini, much much worse players.

31 Jul 2017 18:44:40
In ice hockey terms he's a 'goon'.

Deserves none of the abuse he gets on here. Had a decent season last season with goals scored too.

31 Jul 2017 18:52:18
AJH right on point as usual.

What does he offer?

Important goals, a presence in midfield against physical opposition, good aerial threat.

Like most I don't think he's of the required standard but like few I don't see the need in booing the lad. Ultimately the club chose to sign him and why on earth would he turn down that opportunity. I'm sure he's well aware he's not quite at that level and doesn't need toxic fans to boo him.

31 Jul 2017 18:56:07
He certainly brings "Tactical Discipline". Something greatly valued by our Manager.

31 Jul 2017 19:15:53
As I've said before I'd would never boo one of our own, they are scum fans as far as I'm concerned. But still all we come to is the fact he is a plan b for a long ball. I don't associate that with united. Never have/ . You don't see Barcelona or Madrid go long ball do you. They're the teams we need to compete with again/.

31 Jul 2017 19:40:54
I think MF should be given the respect that any professional who plays for us to be shown. So he wasn't a player a lot would have bought he's world class next to djemba djemba. Also a lot of the players that the fans wanted would not have joined had SAF or Moyes was in charge and with Van Gaal also. Fellaini was a player that was happy to play for them. So thank MF and good luck if you go to turkey.

31 Jul 2017 19:42:20
Stand, we tried competing with them at their own game in a Champions League game, and they ran over us. I'm all for footballing aesthetics, but sometimes you need to do something that makes a technically superior side uncomfortable.

31 Jul 2017 19:52:54
Big Hair.

Nothing wrong with long ball Larry. Worked wonders for Wimbledon and Big Sam.

31 Jul 2017 20:01:51
Spot on! I completely agree. In no way do I dislike MF as a person, I just believe that he isn't likely to benefit a team that's looking to move up a level in performance. I don't think he's a terrible player, and he certainly is a good premier league player, but he is not of the calibre of a top team. And I actually wouldn't object to him staying IF he was used sparingly for certain games, but that just won't happen.

31 Jul 2017 20:15:05

I read your point above so checked what I wrote, and my OP never said I was "ashamed" so please quote me correctly. More likely removed for the comments under it.
Without going over it all again amongst the points I made were, Fellaini should not have been booed, I also outlined his strength, playing off the forward around the edge of the area using his strength and chest control to gain control of the ball often from a long ball. I said I would not be disappointed to see him go, but he has always done what was asked of him. I don't think he should have been purchased because his particular skill doesn't match our values, I also thanked him for his efforts.

Yes I have seen far worse and I think Fellaini unfairly suffered for the way he was bought. Looks like he is staying as things stand so let's move on.

31 Jul 2017 20:32:14
Firstly no player should be booed on the pitch.
I don't think anybody can be accused of abusing him on here. I don't have any hatred towards him nor does anybody else on here i suspect.
This is a forum where people can share their views and opinions. If the fact that fellaini playing for us embarrasses redman then that's his feelings.
It doesn't embarrass me i don't hate him. But i would much rather he played for another team. Imo he does not offer enough. If he stays he stays its the manger who decides but having a different opinion on that and sharing it here is not abusive. Some people myself included will often use strong terms in order to emphasise a point but saying i don't want to see him play for us or i hope we sell him is not abusive no more than calling him wig or whatever. Its just an opinion.
But at the ground he should never be booed no player should but no refs or wenger or liverpool fans or anybody should get they vile abuse they get from sections of fans imo but it happens. Most decent people don't get involved in that sort of behaviour.

{Ed025's Note - your the voice of reason ken..well said mate..

31 Jul 2017 20:50:30
Sorry Red Man, was it embarrassed? Could have sworn it was ashamed.?

31 Jul 2017 21:15:45

I did not use the word ashamed and I am not ashamed of Fellaini but I said if had been an embarrassing period for the club. As I said above I commented that the way he was purchased was embarrassing.

Fellaini is a Utd player and gets my support for that but I don't have to like how he plays.

31 Jul 2017 21:31:36
Ajh, why get your knickers in a twist about Fellaini. He's just one player in a long list who just below the standard of a Manchester United first team player. We've had them for as long as I've been a supporter.
I know he was one of the 'Fergie Fledglings' but Nicky Butt was similar in the fact he was never considered a first teamer because we had more technically gifted players in CM. He was never treated like Fellaini though. O'Shea is another, not one of us on here considered him good enough to be first name on the team sheet but he could do a job, and do it well when called upon. That's what Fellaini brings to our squad. 3 managers (5 or 6 if you include Belgium) obviously see that and decide to have him in their squad.
Once you move Fellaini on, you could end up with the likes of Delph, Elneny and Fernando. CM's who are happy with bit part roles for their clubs but bring very little when called upon.

31 Jul 2017 23:24:46
2toms, my knickers are in a twist over the treatment meted out to Fellaini on here. Moving on from that, Butt initially kept Scholes out of the team and O'Shea was a star for us for a number of years and a regular first teamer. Not sure what point you were trying to make but your choices were poor.

01 Aug 2017 00:07:27
2 really good saquad players imo butt was a very good player worth his weight in gold.

31 Jul 2017 23:47:58
Stand, let me get this right, you take the high ground and declare your too good a man to boo a player, yet you then lower yourself to calling your fellow fans "scum". That's some piss poor logic. I might have, maybe I might have booed him if I got to go to Old Trafford, but I would never have called him "scum". That's far worse than booing a player.



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