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31 Jul 2017 01:15:16
All this chatter around Matic and Felliani is very interesting because they are not massively dissimilar players - yet one is lauded and one is loathed. If you look at the major stats from last year they are almost identical in fact probably more in Felliani's favour.

Never was a player more built for Jose Mourinho than Felliani so I can see why he gets game time. In fact I think he deserves to start more than not most weeks and he is scapegoated constantly. I hope he stays for sure. He is the type of player who can impact the big matches.

As for Matic if he comes then good, if not I don't really care. I think the evolution of the midfielder has changed again with the likes of Kante, Gueye, Herrera, Vidal etc to name a few showing there is no need for one sole slow languid DM and you can have more dynamics to your game. One Kante on the pitch is like having two or three Matic's.

Having said that if Matic signs and the gaffer believes it will get the best out of Pogba and Herrera then great go for it. If he is brought in to shield the back four, give extra height for long balls into the box, play sidewards passes and move like a crab then leave well alone. Overall If he signs it will be an underwhelming purchase for me.

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31 Jul 2017 02:35:37
Two different theories for me.

Very mobile, energetic box to box verses reader of game, safety net, metronome passer.

Kante gets caught out of position constantly. But is often fast enough and has enough energy to get back in and make recovery tackles.

Carrick is never caught out of position, but in his worst moments is found wanting for pace and the game passes him by. Often he reads the game and goes to where the ball is going and intercepts or tackles with little fuss.

Matic is very similar to Carrick.

At his worst he will be caught out for pace.

But he will help to release 2 full backs, Pogba and Herrera. Herrera may get subbed slot when we are pushing for a win.

Time will tell if he is the key to unlocking our attacking line. Cheaper than Neymar.

31 Jul 2017 03:13:31
And that they are all dissimilar players to Matic and more box to box engines is no never mind to you. Just imagine 6 players in the opposition half and no one to shield or defend. No wonder De Gea wants to leave.

31 Jul 2017 03:25:25
i think matic has a better technique and is more adept at carrying out the defensive duties in midfield than fellaini.

That said they are both tall and have a big presence but the one question i have for those arguing fellainis case is what is his best position? In his utd career he has played every midfield role from holding, box to box and behind the striker and even lone striker on occasion.

In my opinion he doesn't have the quality to hold down a place in any of those roles, so is he just around as a plan b to lump the ball up to in a last gasp effort to get a goal and if so is that really the level of football we should be aspiring to.

Lastly after 4 seasons at the club not being able to nail down a place, wouldn't we be better served trying out a youngster like fosu mensah in a midfield squad role?

31 Jul 2017 06:53:10
Matic carrick Fellaini. No pace no excitement and they can all help park the bus in big matches.
Can't say I'm excited by matic signing and even less so by Fellaini staying.
Fellaini offers nothing as far as I can see. He's clumsy, slow and totally lacking in movement or skill. How come Chelsea City spurs or arsenal are not rushing to sign him if he's available.
In fact, so far, we've not addressed any of our weaknesses. No left back. No winger. No creative midfielder.

31 Jul 2017 07:24:24
You hope Fellaini stays and deserves to play most games, yet you state the need for a slow pedestrian CM has gone, you couldn't contradict yourself any more if you tried. You just described Fellaini mate.

31 Jul 2017 07:28:41
Schmid with your admiration for City and your hatred for Fellaini and Woody are you sure you're on the right page?

31 Jul 2017 08:17:41
Good post that maze.

31 Jul 2017 08:31:21
No Creative mids? Miki, Mata, Pogba and even Lingard all should be fine.

31 Jul 2017 08:37:58
SchMidfield maybe you need another name change?

31 Jul 2017 09:16:55
Carrick has been a fantastic player but is nearing the end of his career. Matic is not as good as Carrick in his prime but he is better than a mid 30s Carrick. If this allows Pogba and Herrera to roam free than that helps the team. Jose clearly has a plan for is year, I think we have enough talent in the front 5 to worry everyone, Matic will provide the cover for them.

31 Jul 2017 09:24:30
'Not addressed any of our weaknesses' lol.

We didn't have a striker until we bought Lukaku, I would say that was a pretty big weakness Schmid.

I don't think you are meant to be excited by the Matic signing, he isn't really that kind of player, he is the kind of player that makes your other signing tick and allows them to play with more freedom, for so many years Carrick has been under appreciated but 99% will agree we are a better team when he plays, fairly sure none of us were excited when we forked out for him either.

To slag off a new signing before we he has even been announced or played a minute just wreaks of moaning for the sake of it to me.

31 Jul 2017 09:56:53
Calm down Schmid, there are a 100 ways to win football matches and as such trophys. Last year case in point.
Stating Carrick, Matic and Fellaini gives you no excitement but they will not play together. Sometimes you need a solid workhorse to free up others and that is what Matic is (he is also better with the ball than people give him credit for) . Carrick will play 20 games over the season allowing rotation and Fellaini will play his part in various positions when the need arises.
Mourinho is astute enough to play the best with what he has.
Cheer up. Seasons not even started.

31 Jul 2017 10:41:00
Stats are almost identical, in fact more impressive in Fellaini's favour? We'll take the Premier League since Chelsea weren't in Europe.

Fellaini appearances. 18 starts, 10 off the bench, a total of 1600 minutes.
Matic appearances. 30 starts, 5 off the bench, a total of 2697 minutes.
Fellaini goals 1. Assists 0
Matic goals 1. Assists 7
Fellaini yellow cards 9, red cards 1.
Matic yellow cards 4 red cards 0.
Fellaini pass accuracy 86%
Matic pass accuracy 87.7%
Fellaini arial duels won 3.4
Matic arial duels won 1.1

Not a million miles apart to be fair but you can see they're definitely not in Fellaini's favour. I for one don't care one iota about stats, I judge football from what I see. Not saying for one second my judge of talent is better than anyone else's but Matic would be an upgrade to our squad.

The remark about Kante being like two or three Matic's is way off the mark. Matic sitting in front of the back four as insurance is what gives the likes of Kante freedom to hound the ball and do what he does best.

We're signing a player that made 35 appearances for the league winners in a 38 game season. He was dropped for the last two league games because the league was won. If that's an underwhelming signing, what player would be overwhelming?

31 Jul 2017 10:42:21
Stand, you are letting your hatred for Felliani cloud your judgement of my post. In my opinion the midfielder has evolved and the answer is no longer a Matic or a Felliani. It is a Kante or Dembele or Weigl etc.

I said that Felliani will stay and play games as he is what Jose likes in a midfielder and when he plays 85 percent of the time he does his job well. I have not contradicted myself, you have just jumped to a irrational conclusion.



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