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30 Jul 2017 10:25:15
With a fortnight to go to the new season I expect to see us conclude most of our business over the coming days. If reports are to be believed we will finally sign Matic which I am delighted about, and we could also be about to sign Aurier who could be the best right back in the world if managed correctly.

We are also being linked with Matuidi, Sanches and Perisic still - so let's see.

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30 Jul 2017 10:46:04
I think we will definitely see Perisic and Matic come in before the West Ham game. If reports are to be believed Matic will pretty much be replacing Fellaini which is an upgrade. Perisic gives a different option out wide and has quality in his delivery which is something we sorely lack.

Aurier is a very good full back but having thought about his signing he is a pretty questionable character (not that United haven't had a few of those) so I don't know if he'd be a wise signing despite his ability. I'd say TFM is a capable replacement for Valencia as well. While people believe going out on loan is a good option, for some it isn't ideal and I think he'd be better suited as a 2nd choice to Valencia rather than a loan.

Shaw coming back to his best form would help us immensely as we need someone who can overlap on both sides rather than just Valencia.

30 Jul 2017 11:26:59
Does anyone else think Jose has been told he must sell to buy matic and Perisic at inflated prices. Just seems strange Fellaini was used a lot by Jose and it seemed he liked him for certain games, so just strange that we would sell him especially as we are very light in CM position.

30 Jul 2017 11:35:53
I hope that's the case Jaimej, because it may mean the money is put to one side for Griezmann or somebody else.

I really hope we don't sign Matic and Perisic for the figures being mentioned.

30 Jul 2017 11:39:46

I think both players will improve us in positions we need improving and genuinely could not care less if we pay what is quoted, that's the going rate these days, not like we are paying £180m and not like we can't afford it.

30 Jul 2017 11:47:17
jaimej79 - I suspect not as Fellaini has been available for sale for two years now. Jose used second string for Europa, especially in the early stages. Fellaini was part of that. However I think he had a few decent performances so it warranted some EPL starts.

30 Jul 2017 12:01:51
Matic is not 2 far off at 40m. 2 time title winner. Fit, plays his role well knows his role well very consistent appears to have a good winning mentality we are probably paying 20% too much even in today's market but as a rival Chelsea have the right to command that premium imo.
Perisic is a very good player. No ronaldo or bale but he plays and knows his role. It will help give lukaku the service he craves and feeds off. At 28 its a big fee also unproven in the epl but i'm happy to back joses judgement.
If he gets 3 more and resigns ibra on a regular basis there will be 7 or 8 jose signings playing most weeks assuming fittness plus ddg herrera shaw rash jessie tuanzabe valencia tfm mata (possibly) , martial darmian (possibly)
Changing 7 or 8 of the starting 11 in 12 months is a lot of changes to a starting 11 at a club of our size it just shows how badly off we were.

30 Jul 2017 12:27:56
We will prob add 3 players to last year's squad which is not a lot really .
Our new striker has never finished in the top 4 perisic at 28 has done nothing but that a silly way to judge a player .
Matic has been average the last 2 seasons.
But that is Jose choice , big season for united and Jose imo.

30 Jul 2017 12:44:29
Ed Woodward has had Jose Mourinho's priority list of targets since March, Marouane Fellaini put his house up for sale in March so must have been told then that his time may be up if Man Utd secure the signing from Jose's priority list so on that basis I believe a replacement for Marouane is close to signing.

30 Jul 2017 13:01:35
We'll be spending £80m+ and that's a big + no doubt. On two players that are minor upgrades on what we have, both of whom are going to start declining soon (Matic already is) . We'll have depleted a big part of our transfer fund and will have two extra bodies that I'd wager in a year or two will be used as rotation options and will be difficult to move on because of the high wages they are on.

Feels like we are the younger brother to Chelsea, as mum hands us the stained blazer with a big grin and a pat on the head, saying "it was good enough for your brother", meanwhile big bro gets the new exciting gear to break in and the best years out of, whilst we wait in the wings for more hand-me-downs.

I get it that Jose plays a certain way and thinks these players will fit the bill, but it's eye of the needle stuff and Jose isn't perfect at threading the needle. Rivals are upgrading with better than these two 7/ 10's.

30 Jul 2017 13:10:24
I think it's a great signing. I wouldn't agree that matic was average last year jred but definitely something was wrong the year before.

Jose knows exactly what he is getting. Extremely good player IMO.

Do you think Jose is done with signings?

30 Jul 2017 13:21:32
Hope he isn't done Angel, I think we are a bit light out wide both in terms of wingers and full backs.

Toss of a coin if Shaw is good enough. Valencia is just steady, we need better imo. RW is very weak, don't rate Mata, Lingard or Miki out there personally.

I look at our squad and I still see a lot of passengers or non-experts for the positions they will be playing. Hopefully the plan is good, but with the players we have I anticipate more trial and error, lots of tinkering from game-game. Jose worked wonders at Chelsea not rotating, not sure that the majority of players in our squad are good enough to nail down a starting position every week. One bad game and they will be dropped, which leads to "safe" play imo.

30 Jul 2017 13:36:21
If matic had of been at united the last 2 season I honestly think people would be wanted him sold .

Conte is obviously happy to get rid I can understand why after last season.

30 Jul 2017 14:45:46
I think your right angel.

30 Jul 2017 14:49:43
Wow, really jred? I think he is a very good player. And thought he was pretty good last season Everytime he played IMO.

Sounds like you're not happy with him signing then. Very surprised, thought you were all for trusting Jose and supporting them.

30 Jul 2017 16:10:40
I thought he was poor last season and got publicly dropped by Jose the season before .
I'm hoping Jose can get him back to the level he was at 3 year ago .
But I him honestly think if he had been at united the last 2 seasons people would be wanting him sold . Look on the Chelsea page there not that bothered he is leaving .

30 Jul 2017 17:26:33
He started 30 games came on in 5. In the league. They won the league he played well the vast majority of those games in order to retain his place i'm sure. The manger picked him so the manger rated him obviously. Bakayoko i'm sure is a good player but if matic helps us climb places in the league and if chelsea drop 1 position we have got the better of the deal next season. let's wait and see what happens.



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