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28 jul 2017 14:29:11
ed woodward boasted about uniteds financial power so why when we are the richest club in the world are we not in for world class players when they are available like .
surely when players like that become available which inst very often and we want to be back at the top with the premier league and champions league a club like us should be in for them?!?
also at the moment our squad depth worries me our starting 11 is looking good apart from lingaard who at the moment will still be starting unless we sign somebody else on the wings! lingaard works hard but for me doesn't have the quality we need to compete on all fronts he is a squad player and even an everton player at best!
when you look at who we have signed so far lindelof looks like he will need time from what i've seen in pre-season so far and lukaku is a replacement for zlatan's goals so where have we improved from last season?!? some of our football last year was still boring no quality or creativity in the opposition half! our defence is solid enough but going forward worries me again going into this season!
we have always been famous for wingers who get on the outside and cross a ball in which is what we need now we have lukaku!
at the moment we have no width martial and micky want to cut inside all the time we need players who will attack to the byline and whip a ball in!
i know city and chelsea are spending big so why aren't we?
our squad depth and quality simply isn't good enough going into this new season especially now we have champions league football back if we get a few injuries who do we have to step in fellaini i'm sorry but that is not good enough for a team like united!
pogba probably the best midfielder in the world and we paid a world record for him you watch him play for france and when he was at juventus he had a free role and a defensive midfielder behind him doing the mopping up so why have we not gone out and got a defensive midfielder to compliment pogba for this season and get the best from him?
as you can tell i am getting rather frustrated from our lack of activity in the transfer market when others around us are improving more and more i really thought when we won the europa league and got champions league football back this summer we and jose would mean business but it just looks like the same old story yet again linked with everyone for weeks and months and end up with nobody!
why does everybdoy else go out and get who they want no messing and we dont?
i listened to an interesting podcast the other day saying how the glazers will only let us spend so much and not compete with signing the likes of neymar because they are still taking money out of the club for their own pockets! do they not see that if we signed neymar for £180 million they would treble that money back over the years we had him with shirt sales etc etc?!?
we are the biggest club in the world now let's start proving it!

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28 Jul 2017 15:09:02
Mbappe is only interested in going to Madrid, there is no point going for him, Sanchez will probably stay at Arsenal and then leave on a free next year and Neymar, well Ed02 has said we would be interested along with Chelsea and PSG but he doubts if he will be sold this summer. As for world class I would not describe Mbappe as that, what Madrid are rumoured to be paying £150 million for is potential, we did the same with Martial. Remember, we were looking at Griezman until the Zlatan injury changed our priorities, we wanted Bale before he chose Madrid, United are always in for the top players if and when they are available.

28 Jul 2017 15:12:31
Maybe we are trying to sign the players the manager wants?

28 Jul 2017 15:15:10
Relax man! Jeez.

We will sign more players but need to shake off the "we are stupid enough to pay anything" tag we have earned over the last 2 years. Yes, as a business we are pretty solid but we don't have sugar daddies investing a billion pounds into the club every 3 years.

We would have all liked all our business done early doors but the prices quoted were bonkers! I am for one glad we are no sticking to our evaluation of players.

28 Jul 2017 15:56:36
Jred, that's a stupid comment, we should be signing the biggest names possible, we are Manchester United. It's fans like you that are the problem. You need to get with the programme, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo are the players we should be signing,

28 Jul 2017 16:04:51
Sorry ☹ I will try harder.

28 Jul 2017 17:57:41
I sympathise with the views of the original poster. I think there's no harm in signing good, hardworking players like Lindelof. But in midfield and particularly attacking positions, we need to sign the best players available. Sanchez and Neymar are available and are way better than any player we've got in that position.
You saw Barcelona the other day, will they be any force at all without Messi, Suarez and Neymar? Of course not. United need to invest heavily in the attack and wing areas. We do not possess a game changer in attack.
In addition, when EW has a small fortune to spend and you get clubs like Everton and West ham investing as much as we have, then it does show lack of ambition.
Ryan is right, we do not have sugar daddies investing in the club, but we do have an extremely successful club that has more following than any other club in the world and generates more income than any other club in the world. Unfortunately, we also have owners who are more interested in finance than football.
Hand on heart, does anyone on here (apart from GDS) believe that we can win the league this year unless we add top quality in our wing/ attack and fullback areas. If you do, then you're seriously kidding yourself. I think Chelsea have invested very well as have City, who have invested heavily but in highly technical players. On present playing staff, we will not be anywhere near top 2 and possibly top 3 as Spurs ate also better than us.

28 Jul 2017 18:26:44
I remember City investing heavily in CBs last year and they were pants for the most part. Buying expensive players guarantees nothing.

I agree our business has so far been less than stellar and we need more but this black or white approach is simplistic, stamping our feet because we haven't signed Neymay borders on childish.

28 Jul 2017 19:10:43
I agree ajh. We need more schmid i can only think of a couple of posters on here that think our squad is good enough. So most people agree. But there is time. Those top tier players bale griezman veratti neymar hazzard dembele are not available right now. The figures required to buy neymar and pay him on a 5 year contract is about the same as 20% of the total club value. It could possibly hamper any future signings for 3 windows.
We will sign 2 or 3 more players imo we need to. Jose knows what he is doing. Be patient and see whst happens if jose gets the players he wants we will be competing on all fronts.
I agree city have bought good players so have chelsea but who says they will be better teams because of it? Its ant what the team does not and how those players fit in to the team structure.

28 Jul 2017 19:17:22
I would of thought that the manager knows what he needs and what he can get .
I would love neymar at united but would neymar love to be at united?
Does he want to spend the next 5 year living in Manchester, maybe he does maybe he doesn't I don't know but I bet Jose does .
The ed told us griezmann was the target (top top player) and the alternative was perisic, not neymar bale Sanchez. Jose wanted griez or perisic, for what ever reason

The money is there very few teams have spent more than united over the last 3 year . We broke the transfer record last summer, has there been a bigger deal than lukaku this season .

The club has backed the manager and I have no doubt the manager will get the players HE wants that fit what he is looking for .
Then it's up to him.

28 Jul 2017 19:33:12
It's a bit like everyone going on and on about we have to buy a RB and a LB .
We have plenty of cash we have shown we will spend it, if JOSE wants 2 full backs I'm sure we will sign them .
If he doesn't we probably won't that's the managers choice .

28 Jul 2017 19:37:49
Sympathise with the OP and the amount of thumbs down he's getting. Similar happened to me when I dared to question our business a couple of weeks ago. Having an opinion that our business isn't good enough is perfectly valid, but dare voice it and you'll get shot down. The proof is in the pudding so we'll know come the end of the season if it was or wasn't what was required. I doubt many fans will be happy ending in a similar league position again this year but I personally don't think we've improved our squad much.

28 Jul 2017 19:47:35
i'm of the opinion our business was done ages ago. just not made public.

28 Jul 2017 19:49:36
Only half way through the transfer window and we have only spent 90 mil on a striker (biggest deal of the summer ) and 30 mil on a cb .
That's to add to the 90mil world record fee for pogba the 30 for miki and Bailly. Which team have done a better bit of business than the 30 mil united payed for Bailly ( maybe a lesson in there .

Add herrera rash mata ddg martial Tony Shaw mourhinho you have to wonder if united will cope .

28 Jul 2017 19:50:01
My concern is not so much the quality of the players we are after but more the timing of any further signings as this could have a significant impact on the start to our season. Looking at our first 6 games, they are all winnable, but if we are integrating key players in our team this may impact negatively on results. Looking at a few of the top teams their first 6 games are also winnable so we don't want to be playing catch up
José has stated he wanted 4 players and gave the club the names at the end of last season, hoping they would have a full pre-season with us. Time is moving on and if José sees Persisc (spelling) as a key signing then pay the £48m, after all a successful season would see the excess paid recouped several times over.

28 Jul 2017 20:02:39
Im hoping for a big debut in Dublin on aug 2nd.

28 Jul 2017 20:05:16
Gamesabadger. Don't be offend if people argue a different opinion than yours. You or schmid are not being rubbish diwn by anyone and fast as i can see just people offering their opinion which is just a valid. Your right it will be seen at the end of the season how much we improved or not as the case may be. The rest is just debate mate.

28 Jul 2017 21:06:38

Unsure why I got a name check there, I think we will get top 4 this year but win struggle to win the league as it stands. Not sure why you think I think anything else.

28 Jul 2017 21:46:40
I think every team will struggle to win the league, tough this year .

Everyone had it between united and city last year look how that turned out .

Leicester won it only 2 year ago.

28 Jul 2017 22:04:03
We get a X amount from adidas as part of the shirt deal we have with them, selling more shirts with neymar doesn't change the amount we get from adidas.

29 Jul 2017 09:33:29
Good debate guys. Gds, I'm only pulling your leg mate, you always see the good side so that's not a bad thing.
Ken, totally agree mate that everyone's opinion matters and no one should be offended.
Keano and gameasabadger, I'm of the same opinion about our team. We are well short of winning the league.
Jred, no one is saying that we don't have good players (though when you added Shaw on your list, I started laughing as he's been the biggest waste of money and people still think he'll come good. Flogging a dead horse on that front) . Of course we have good players. But do we have two or even one great attacker or winger? That's what we're saying. We need to buy two world class attackers/ wingers to take us to the level of Chelsea and City. Sanchez and Neymar are available, yet the club does not seem interested. That's our frustration. Would you not like to see us lining up with Sanchez lukaku and Rashford. Or Neymar lukaku and Sanchez and Rashford as a front 4 that can be called upon? We're looking for excitement watching our team and at present, nothing has changed.
Lastly, Manchester is an amazing city. A city with culture, night life, restaurants, theatres, bars, shopping. We have beautiful suburbs with a great diversity of people. So I never like to hear anyone saying "why would so and so come to Manchester". It's a great city. Ask all the ex United players who still live there long after they retired. Manchester is a great city. As good as Barcelona so let's not start knocking our home town.



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