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24 Jul 2017 18:18:05
"Obviously we want more consistency in his talent. I think today was positive for him, that is why I left him for 90 minutes on the pitch. He was enjoying it, he was trying new things, and it is important in these friendly matches to try new things, which he did. That is important for his confidence. Young players still need time to learn and time to improve. It is also his personality. I can say that he is training better than before, he is working harder than before, his ambition is to try to bring his talent in a consistent way. ”Jose on martial, big season for the lad.

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24 Jul 2017 18:57:24
Looks like him and shaw are trying their hardest to remain united players and that's the way it should be. If they work hard and produce the goods they will be kept if they don't they will be sold.
I have my doubts but if he is working harder then he has a chance. He didn't have a good game last night in fact was poor but produced the 1 moment of magic to get us our goal. We saw that from ibra a lot last season playing poorly and scoring or making a goal a couple on here were saying that's not enough but for me it is. One swallow doesn't make a summer but 1 or 2 moments like that a game from martial if they produce a goal will do me. But as the manager says he needs to do it every week not 1 in 5.

24 Jul 2017 19:08:55
Though he done ok last night so did Jose by the sounds of it and that's what counts .
Hope he proves u wrong.

24 Jul 2017 19:27:08
He's clearly talented but his general demeanour last year wasn't great. Having said that, his demeanour the year before wasn't great when he was banging in the goals. He appears to have had issue s in his personal life and after such a great first season perhaps it was s cond season syndrome. Let's see if Jose can get the best out of him (and everyone else for that matter) .

24 Jul 2017 20:14:58
So do i jred. I have said he is one of the best dribblers in todays game. Lots of talent but i think he is at the right place at the wrong time as he appears to be the polar opposite to jose. Which is what jose alluded to imo about his personality in your quotes above.
I just have a feeling that he won't be playing regularly but i would be delighted if he produces moments like last night weekly if he does.
Ive no issue with my predictions or opinions being proven wrong over time. I get some things right others wrong. Some players probe me right others wrong. I was slated for 3 years saying adnan wiuldnt make it at united but i was full sure depay would
I don't think martial will be here at the ko next season but i think he will have a great carreer. But i hope he is here because if he is then he will have done well for the team and done better than i predicted.
His game time will be dictated to a large extent by what formation we mostly play.
If its 352 not great for him 433 is best for him imo 442 gives him some cbances.
Im not sure he is an out and out cf and think he is best coming from the left witb the ball at his feet. He could be coached because his finishing is usually good. But if we play 2 up rash and lukaku are probably ahead of him and if ibra signs then imo martial will be 4th choice cf
If we sign perisic and play 433 then its a straight fight for the role on the left and leaves jose with 2 great options.

24 Jul 2017 20:27:04
Yer u mentioned Adan a few times.

24 Jul 2017 20:31:03
Erm which players probed you Ken? Hope it was consensual ;)

24 Jul 2017 20:43:02
A gentleman never tells😂 mulamno.

24 Jul 2017 21:21:10
I actually agree with Ken on this Martial question. He is so talented, as his assist vs Real Madrid has shown, but there are lingering question marks to his game that have not gone away. Don't let the brilliant assist fool you. Apart from it, he had a pretty poor game. Once again. I am really rooting for him because he is one of our players, and he has shown some wonderful flashes of ability.

But the negatives in his game should really be considered. Besides the poor body language that often gets mentioned, there are other issues. His defending is only average, he gets into position but does not press with aggression.

He does not often think ahead when he receives the ball. A quick thinking player will surprise with some good passing, or pass and move type plays. Martial often receives, dallies on the ball, then plays backward. He is not incisive.

And lastly, his movement off the ball is not great. He does not vary his runs enough to shake his defender. Countless times vs Madrid he got knocked off the ball because he allowed the defender to get tight to him. He could learn from two young teammates. Rashford looks to run in behind often, and Lingard drifts very well around the pitch to find spaces.

Despite these negatives, though, most of us want him to stay and show on a consistent basis what he is capable of.

24 Jul 2017 22:11:33
Martial looks a player that needs confidence to produce, I'd like to see Jose big him up and give him a run of games, he does have flaws but looks a talent to me able to run with the ball at speed and glide past people, we don't have too many of those .

24 Jul 2017 23:04:46
The kid is 21. If he'd been that good at 19, then mediocre at 20 for any other team, he'd still be valued at like 70mil+. But bc it was for united he's now not cut out for what we need? Please. The kid is still one of the most talented 21 and under player on earth, and he's not going anywhere I hope. Especially not for an almost 30-year old winger.

24 Jul 2017 23:30:54
Unbelievable dribbler at pace. I agree with you slate imo though martial needs to earn that praise from jose by doing what he did last night on a consistent basis but if your 100% objective you would have to say that very little else he tried when he got the ball came off for him and when he didn't have the ball he was largely annonaymus. But was dilligent enough in his defencive tracking
From what i understand jose likes players to show him the love so to speak by showing their enthusiasm in training by being demonstrative in their desire to win. To put their bodies on the line etc etc when a player does that or signs for him and trusts and believes in him 100% then jose will make you feel a million dollars like the best plsyer in the world. But the player has to do it first.
Now last night jose post match started to reward martial for his new found effort in training and attitude and personality etc jred kindly copied and paste the quotes above. This to me is a positive sign and imo an invitation from jose to martial to continue with his current attitude. But i think jose will push him and perhaps test his patience and commitment if he passes and produces on the pitch he may well find himself inside the circle of trust like pogba bailly rashford herrera, miki won him over and many before him ibra terry cole lampard carvalho cech etc.
But the ball is in martials court the door is ajar he needs to push through it and win jose over.
Shaw imo slate faces the exact same challenge to get inside the circle of trust.
Its no good just being a good player he has to be a good player the way jose wants him to be imo.

24 Jul 2017 23:50:03
why do we keep slaging are players of liverpool have brought salard and now it is there year again.

25 Jul 2017 00:24:08
You're correct ken, the ball is in martial's court as well as Jose's . But there aren't too many players capable of skinning four or five real Madrid defenders the way he did in the world . The talent is there, if not the consistency but he's still very young. If he can kick on utd would have a special player . If he was 28 and his form was patchy I'd worry but he's 21 and although inconsistent has moments of class . Your right though, he needs more of them moments, but I think that will come.

24 Jul 2017 23:10:48
I believe he is extremely talented. Granted it was a preseason game but how many other players in the Utd squad are capable of doing what he did against Madrid? He has a good squad around him and I am sure he has the support of the lads around his age group in the squad.

He desperately needs someone to take his game to the next level, much like Shaw and even to an extend Rashford. These are pivotal times in the younger players careers and it will ultimately determine the peaks they will reach in world football. Jose really needs to show them some love and be that coach that can get the best out of their talents.

25 Jul 2017 00:49:09
Most wide players spend a whole game, NOT getting past defenders. But all it takes is that one time. That's what they get their money for -
that one time when they get past and change the game. Like most attackers, they thrive on confidence and a bit of backing when the things they try don't come off. I know he struggled last season, but the things he did in his first season, are not easily forgotten.

{Ed007's Note - I miss Rooney too, Stevie but we need to move on now buddy, I am here for you ; ( Any time.......

25 Jul 2017 04:26:47
The lad is still only 21 some people are only happy when there having a go at certain players.
Martial will develop in to a top player.

25 Jul 2017 06:16:25
I wouldn't call any of the above having a go at a player.

Matrial, to me is a very good player just like shaw. both have incredible potential and could be long standing presences within the United squad. But there are obvious problems with both i.e attitude and application, not slagging, just stating the obvious.

Jose has had issues with both. Don't see the problem with stating that.

25 Jul 2017 09:24:42
Nor would i angel but jred is special and gives 100% positive for all players and coaches and he has special copy and paste skills.

25 Jul 2017 10:46:53
People have mentioned in the past that. Martial reminds them of Henry well give him time he is 21and has had issues with having to move to another country, splitting up with his partner and obviously not having the same contact with his child as he would like, I don't remember Henry looking world class till he moved to arsenal and he was quite a bit older than martial, I have a feeling if we don't sign perisic he may have a very good season, well I certainly hope so.



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