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18 Jun 2017 09:08:32
We are the wealthyest club in the world if the money men believe we can afford to spend whatever fee on a player we as fans should not worry. A few seasons back they all said the Glazers wouldn't spend the money on players yet they have spent plenty in the last 3 years because our finances allow it . We should want the best players and best team, it will cost but we will enjoy watching our team winning and being on top again.

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18 Jun 2017 09:21:48

When we were up there with Barcelona in 2008-9 is when we needed to spend to retain our position. Instead we sold the great Ronaldo, whose transfer fee meant we didn't make a loss in that financial year. We have wasted over a Billion if financial reports are accurate on non football benefitting matters. Now we have to spend to get in the top four, to challenge for the league and it's down to what happened when the owners didn't spend.

Now the product and its value is at risk so we have to spend, yet imagine what our club could have done, could have been, if that money hadn't been wasted? We missed our big chance to sit with Real, Bayern and Barcelona because of the finances so I for one will never forgive the owners even if they spend now, years too late.

18 Jun 2017 09:54:31
I don't know how the owners are going to sleep if you don't forgive them Red Man.

18 Jun 2017 10:25:44

That is just your opinion mate and one I agree fully with, unfortunately some people are obsessed with finances and think they know what a player is 'worth'.

I don't want United to spend more than they think a player is worth obviously but happy that the club know and understand their own budget.

18 Jun 2017 10:42:56
Failing that GDS United should just spend whatever it takes right?

18 Jun 2017 11:22:30
I agree Red man, we should have invested in 2009 to keep us at the top. When we sold Ronaldo the money wasn't reinvested and we didn't make another significant signing until Fergi retired in 2013 (RVP aside) .

On reflection was this more down to Fergi looking for value in the transfer market rather than the Glazers not backing him with cash? I'm still not sure.

I remember at the time Mr Rooney questioned the Clubs ambition and every transfer window we heard Fergi proclaiming there was no value in the transfer market. we missed out of several key targets including Sneijder and Hazard to name but a few.

I remember being furious about the perceived penny pinching of the Glazers and the green and gold brigade was in full swing.

Since Fergi retired the Club has backed each manager with significant funds with no evidence that they are going to stop any time soon. This leads me to conclude that maybe money was available but Fergi chose not to spend it?

Whilst I would never criticise Fergi I think he became a little stubborn (for want of a better word) and was reluctant to spend big as by his own admission he didn't see any value in the fees being asked. It is testimony to his genius that he managed to keep us so competitive without spending heavily in the transfer market. This approach was always going to be difficult to sustain long term with the emergence of City and Chelsea still spending heavily in the market. Eventually he had to break one of his own rules and sign an ageing RVP in order to wrestle the title back from City.

We are now having to spend heavily to try and inject the necessary quality into a squad which had been neglected for many years and saw the release/ retirement of several key players around the same time we lost Fergi. The squad had been allowed to age and the younger players intended to take their place were simply not good enough.

I would imagine that after the summer window Jose will be happy with the squad and the next step will be to target those players with that little bit of magic capable of wining us the major honours. I wouldn't expect to see the churn of players we have witnessed over recent years and our spending will probably reduce significantly concentrating on just one or two major signings.

18 Jun 2017 11:30:07
United should spend whatever they the club thinks it takes.

As ed002 has said on many occasions, fans should not invest their time in the finances as it just confuses them as certain posts show in the past couple of days.

18 Jun 2017 11:47:26
Bang on angel bang on gds bang on redcon.

18 Jun 2017 13:07:43

As I work in Finance I am paid to understand it so feel able to comment generally but don't go into detail

We can spend now because our finances are in a better position but we missed our chance because of our weaker situation 8 years ago and an element perhaps of SAF arrogance.

18 Jun 2017 14:14:31
After all them post about what certain players earn or cost, now no one cares . Fancy that.

18 Jun 2017 14:29:17
I used on allow myself to get caught up in costs jred. But to be honest I have to a clue about it. So I don't really care.

You'd have to think that the board know exactly what to pay and how to pay it.

Fans are allowed to change their minds right? Especially on money issues.

18 Jun 2017 16:24:02
That's what I've always said pal.
Just a stick some fans use to beat a player with.



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