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18 Jun 2017 08:16:34
So it looks like Ryan Giggs will not be considered for the Southampton job. I wonder how many times will he be looked over for one of these jobs before he realises if he wants to be a top manager he needs to start from the bottom and work his way up. There are no free dinners when millions of pounds are at stake.

He didn't want to manage our under 21's, even though many very good managers have started out managing our youth. He isn't prepared to drop down out of the EPL to manage a Championship club and he isn't prepared to manage a EPL team that will be fighting relegation.

Is he delusional enough to think he will get a job at a top half EPL team with only 4 games managerial experience?

I loved Giggsy as a player but he is starting to make himself a bit of a joke as a would be manager. He is 43 now, most people who want to go into management have at least 5 years experience in management by that age. I don't think he will ever get to manage United now unless he proves himself somewhere else first. This lack of willingness to take on a challenge suggests a lack of desire to be honest. If he really wanted to be a manager he would be one by now.

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18 Jun 2017 08:46:47
Shappy I think it is a case of Giggs doesn't have to be in a job at the moment. He is pretty much hoping someone will take a punt on him by reputation which has happened numerous times over the years.

Some potential coaches have it in their blood to take the first job they can get to show what they are capable of but Giggs is probably just riding the wave and throwing his hat in the ring for certain roles to see if anyone will bite.

I don't know what type of manager he may one day be but because he is being selective in the jobs he wants to say he is a joke is a bit of stretch.

18 Jun 2017 09:14:55
Maze, which top 10 EPL side is going to take a punt when there are better more established managers available?

He is throwing his hat into the ring for jobs he has no realistic chance of getting. These jobs are at relatively stable clubs who are stable because they make sensible decisions and don't take punts on former players with 4 games managerial experience.

The only jobs where they will take a gamble on a manager with little to no experience are those battling relegation mid season and feel they need to do something different to drag them out of it. Giggs has no interest in those jobs. He turned down the option of managing our under 21's as he felt it was beneath him. Yet that has proven to be a good way for many managers to find a way into management.

He seems to feel he is worth a top job in management when he has done nothing to deserve it. I know some people will point to Pep at Barcelona and Zidane at Real but both of them had the humility to take a job managing their teams youth sides before they had a chance at the top job, and both showed themselves as capable in doing so.

We have seen countless times that having a good football career doesn't mean you'll have a good managerial career. In fact more often than not the mediocre players have made the best managers and the great players have flopped as managers.

Relegation from the EPL will now cost your club well over 100m, so why would you risk that sort of money on someone with no experience unless you were backed into a corner.

I'll say it now, I don't think Giggs will ever be a manager of a top side, in fact I doubt he'll ever take a manager role with anyone. He just isn't showing an appitite for it.

{Ed001's Note - I am with you Shappy, this is the same arrogance that he showed in getting the injunction, feeling that he is so important that he should get to pick and choose what people know and who he should manage. What is wrong with proving yourself in the youth teams? Zidane had no issue with it, Vieira did it too.}

18 Jun 2017 09:24:40
Shappy I am not disagreeing with you. Personally I think he should have fought tooth and nail to take the Swansea job at the time and even a position such as the current Sunderland job would be a good experience but at the end of the day it is his choice which jobs he applies for.

All I am saying is you cannot excactly say he is a 'joke as a manager' when we haven't seen what he is capable of doing. Why write him off completely before he proves himself if indeed he does take up a head coaching role?

18 Jun 2017 09:59:36
Maze, didn't you have a bit of a rant the other day about being misquoted?

I never said he was a joke as a manager. I can't possibly say that as he hasn't really managed anyone. I said he is becoming a joke as a would be manager. He is becoming the nearly man, linked to every job only to never get it.

You also have to ask yourself if Giggs applied for a job at your club and you know that 4-5 other clubs had turned him down would that improve your perception of him or worsen it?

I was merely saying the more he applies for jobs he has no chance of getting the less seriously other chairmen will take him.

I think he could have got a lower half EPL job after Moyes left and LvG got the job. Now I feel he will likely have to drop down into the Championship to get a job. In a few years time if he hasn't been given a job then he might be at a struggling Championship club or even a league one side.

It's been three years since he quit playing, after 10 years and with no managerial experience he will become totally irrelevant.

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said he doesn't need it. He doesn't need to be a manager, he would like to if the right job came up. That shows a lack of desire to be a manager and without that desire he will struggle to be a top manager. Maybe that is why few top players become top managers. The players who felt they didn't do well enough as players probably have a greater desire to succeed as managers.

18 Jun 2017 10:06:37
Agreed, if he is serious about management he should be willing to take on a challenge and prove himself. If I were in charge of an Epl team right now he would not be seen as top candidate given his lack of experience.

18 Jun 2017 10:40:05
Sorry Shappy "joke of a would be manager".

How can he be a joke as a 'nearly man' when the media link his name to jobs that for all we know he is not interested in and 9/ 10 may not have even been in contact about the role.

You cannot possible say someone is a "would be joke of a manager" because he is a "nearly man" because of lazy journalism linking him with Tom, Dick and Harry's role. Surely you cannot condemn him for that being his fault?

18 Jun 2017 11:28:02
Does anyone actually know for certain that he's thrown his hat in the ring for this job, or is it just tittle tattle in the papers?

18 Jun 2017 11:32:08
Good posts shappy. Well said.

18 Jun 2017 11:36:29
Exactly my point Stevie.

18 Jun 2017 12:23:35
Maze you misquoted it again in your reply about misquoting. Maybe you should stay away from quoting people as you seem to struggle with it.

Stevie that's a fair point, he might not actually be applying for these jobs. But if that is the case then doesn't that just back up what I said about him not having any desire to be a manager?

He has taken his badges and he has stated many times publicly that he wants to go into management. But he is either showing no real intent of is constantly being rejected.
You never see him linked with Championship clubs or even relegation candidates from the EPL. If it was the media linking him to every job then why have they not linked him to any of these? He has only been linked to well established EPL teams. He could have gone for the Palace job or Hull, Watford, Sunderland or Boro?

But he wasn't linked with any of those. He only gets linked to the ones he has little chance of getting. That to me suggests the media aren't just linking him to any job, but select ones he might actually be going for.

18 Jun 2017 13:17:31
Shappy I did not miss quote you. I have said the same as Stevie yet you agree with him but disagree with me. Go figure.

18 Jun 2017 14:16:21

I think it might be the way you say it mate.

18 Jun 2017 14:29:26
I don't say anything on here GDS I type a post that is plain as day. Some folk just like to be difficult. Sad really.

18 Jun 2017 14:30:18
Gds 😂 I think poor old maze/ jmb/ rollo gets confused.

Who could blame them?



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