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17 Jun 2017 19:16:30
Just to take everyone's mind off from transfers for a change, which of the football reforms would you like from all proposed ones at IFAB. Personally i would like 45 minutes halves to stay.

45 minute half to be debated at Ifab:

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17 Jun 2017 19:44:40
WIll be so happy if they change the time keeping, it would cut out all the nonsense time wasting that goes on and wouldn't allow a team cheating to benefit by seeing a game out time wasting and the ref doesn't bother adding anything on.

So many games last season goalkeepers took over a minute to take every goal kick and nothing is added on, we go to the game to be entertained, teams cheating doesn't entertain anybody.

17 Jun 2017 20:10:26
Good read that. I agree on nearly all the time keeping proposals. I would also let the physio on to the field of play while play continues it would cut out a lot of play acting and time wasting especially that BS of putting the ball out of play for what are nearly always non injuries.
I also love the idea of being able to dribble from a fee kick or corner. It will encourage quick takes and could be very exciting. Like a quick tap penalty In rugby.
Finally the ball having to be out of play before the final whistle would provide some excitement too and a few last gasp magic moments.

17 Jun 2017 21:28:56
Very interesting PR.

I'm not usually fan of messing with the laws of the game, it is the biggest world wide team sport for a reason!

There are lots of very good ideas in there though. The penalty rule (score or save, no follow up) is a good rule to ger rid of encrochment.

The refs could struggle with all the stop start, constant checking of the watch. But if they could make it work then the new time keeping could also be a good step forward.

17 Jun 2017 21:37:38
Most of those on that list are Byzantine .

Easy timekeeping rules:
1.Stop the clock on all head injuries
1B. Stop the clock on injuries suffered on fouls.
2.The clock stops for all substitutions.
2B. The clock stops for substitutions in second half/ extra times.

Any or all the above can easily be instituted right away as the stoppage mechanism for referees is already in place.

17 Jun 2017 22:23:08
Here's some rule changes I would like to see:

Video reffing for all offside decisions eliminating the assistant ref completely in the determination of realtive positioning when the ball is passed. On field refs concentrate on active/ inactive. Decisions could thus be made without stopping play at all.

If a player has to go off after being treated for an injury resulting from a foul, the player that fouled should go off too.

Add a sin bin possibility for certain types of foul.

18 Jun 2017 07:24:04
There's a few others to add:

1. Alice bands and man buns should be outlawed immediately.
2. Anyone who has their name on their boots should be banned for 3 games
3. Boots should be predominantly black, lime green and orange are a no no.
4. Swearing at the ref or linesman should result in an immediate red card.
5. Throw ins should be taken from where the ball went out, and stealing of yards punished by a free kick to the opposition.
6. Managers who berate the should be sent to the stands.

We also need to reinfotce the grappling rule that start last season but seemed to quickly die off. If you grab a player in the area then it is a penalty. We'd have a lot of penalties for a few weeks until players learned they needed to stop it.

18 Jun 2017 08:56:05
AJH I would only like to see the grappling rule enforced after we get rid of smalling as he has got to be amongst the worst in the league for grabbing hold. come on Woody time for Man U to offer a bogof offer. I don't care who you buy, smalling or jones, you buy one you get the other free. Gurner and grabber, it sounds like a bad 80's cop show or crappy law firm.

18 Jun 2017 09:16:13
Makes no sense to me Huggy. Smalling is the best CB in PL.

Oh wait.



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