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16 Jun 2017 01:30:44

Touching on a post yesterday, you say the fact we haven't bid for Sanchez or Aubameyang means they are not interested, but that's rubbish. They may not be, but it may also be because united aren't interested. Or that Jose doesn't see them as good additions.

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16 Jun 2017 04:03:12
Thanks Stand, atleast you understood. It's again simple that either ways we cannot just put a bid to Arsenal or Dortmund because the first step of the process has failed. Each to their own Stand. I stand by what I said. No one in their right mind would not want Sanchez. Aubameyang, I am not sure on myself. But, as long as Jose thinks that the players he has brought in are a right fit to this team and make us better, I don't care if it's a Sanchez or an unknown. But we simply cannot just go on bidding for everyone that the fans think we should.

16 Jun 2017 07:09:06
There is too much waffle by the media looking for clicks to be able to trust 99% of what we read. We can't trust what the managers or the players say either. Look at Lindelof, 3-4 days before he signs he is clearly implying that he is staying with Benfica.

Basically we have no solid idea who the club are bidding for or talking with. We could announce the signing of Sanchez tomorrow for all we know. Some of our fans are trusting Jose saying "surprise", but it might be, "surprise we just signed Magnus von Young Gun of the Swedish 5th division a 16 year old gk"

Of course players may not want to come to Utd for one reason or another, or the club/ manager may not fancy them - but there is one thing I know for sure and that is believe nothing until there is an official announcement.

16 Jun 2017 08:22:19
Tbf Beast its been a bit of an open secret that we were after Lindelof, widely talked about by the Eds and in the media for a long time.

16 Jun 2017 08:52:57
True HoneyBadger - but I could say the same about DDG for the past 3 years and dozens of others that nothing happens with - I'd have put a lot of money on DDG being a Madrid player long before now.

Throw enough darts at the board and occasionally you will hit the bullseye. If we had moved on to sign another CB after Lindelof's comments and he had stayed at Benfica, very few people would be surprised at that turn of events - so they cover both sides of the coin.

My assessment is focused on the mainstream media and clubs/ players/ agents who all have agendas and can rarely be 100% trusted. The Eds on here are far more reliable and valued by me personally, but again they are relying on people with agendas most of the time and I'm sure they will be the first to say that their opinions are not guarantees. I bet there are dozens of conversations going on all the time that we will never hear about, bids rejected, players rejecting clubs - it's only when somebody has something to gain or a mistake is made that a failed bid is made public imo.

I just wouldn't get my knickers in a twist over failed bids, or failed interest, or 99% of whatever the media say, because their ratio of accuracy/ BS is heavily waited to BS.

16 Jun 2017 09:14:57

In my opinion them 2 posts are the best you have ever written on here, I agree with both fully.

I think there is a lack of understanding by some people and also some just believe everything they read or even just make things up because they saw a player on FIFA and thought he looked good.

16 Jun 2017 09:34:21
Thanks GDS2 - I personally think my posts regarding the epic failings of LVG and Jose are better given the tools at their disposal. (smiley face thing) .

16 Jun 2017 10:48:23
Good post Beast. Agreed on all fronts.

LVG was always going to be a disaster in my opinion, but I'm willing to see where Jose goes with this next season as he will have no excuses this year and the board will deliver the 4/ 5 players he has identified.

16 Jun 2017 11:13:51
Great posts beast.

16 Jun 2017 12:59:33
Magnus von Young Gun looks a great prospect.

16 Jun 2017 14:53:37
Beast. I agree whole heartedly for once. Am I ill? Should I see a doctor as a matter of urgency?

16 Jun 2017 16:51:51
Couldn't agree more with your response Beast. Twitter has exasperated things further!

16 Jun 2017 21:59:59
Quality thread. These are the reasons I come on here every day, to listen to common sense, enjoy an argument, and, read and learn. I always have a smile too. Well done all!



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