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11 Jun 2017 06:05:24
Top of the morning to you all. I hope you are all not as bored as I with the pantomime that is the transfer window. For me the the transfer window is far too long and I would like to see it reduced significantly to 14 days. It should well and truly be finished before the first ball of the new season is kicked and I'd like to see the January window abolished in order to see the good coaches earn their cash by dealing with injuries and developing talent throughout the year.


{Ed001's Note - why not just go back to the old system of leaving it open all year round except for the last month or two of the season? That is better for the small clubs as they can then sell players when they actually need the money to see them through. Right now they have to dump then early.}

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11 Jun 2017 06:51:04
Ed001 how have you been?

Again Ed for me that would just take so much pressure off the coaches as they can cherry pick players from lesser clubs (or even title contenders with the player power and billions of dollars in the game) .

I would like to see a player register at a club and see through that commitment for at least 1 season. In my opinion it would show the true difference between a coach who can manage a team and a coach who relies on big time players and plenty of $$$. The youth would get more of a chance and game time at the top is ever so important for the development of the kids at grassroots level (whatever grassroots means these days) .

I know their are clubs who rely on selling a well performing player for an inflated cost mid season as a stream of revenue but surely they could wait a further 6 months to get it over the line. Again this just my view, if the transfer window was for 2 weeks max it would benefit the greater footballing community as clubs would have to learn to prepare, learn to improvise and show capabilities of man/ team management rather than shipping off a disruptive player mid year or spending their billions to cover an injury whilst also putting an end to 'player power' for those who sulk until they get their midseason move approved.

{Ed001's Note - of course they cant wait. They need the money so have to sell early which means they are weaker. It ruins the competitive balance of the league.}

11 Jun 2017 07:44:59
Ed if that is the case and they cannot wait then it is upto the relevant FA to restructure and impose new rules. It is killing the game.

{Ed001's Note - you expect the FA to act in the interests of the game? They will do what is best for big clubs which is the window.}

11 Jun 2017 08:15:37
This is true Ed. Hence the need for major reform. On a side note do you envision or heard any murmurs of any deals happening this summer which could eclipse the Pogba fee?

{Ed001's Note - there are a few that could. However I do not think it will happen this summer as Atletico were a cog in the wheel that would have started things off. Griezmann would have been one potentially and it would have allowed them to grab Aguero and the replacement would have likely been another.}

11 Jun 2017 08:40:23
Yes I thought that might have been the case Ed. The only others would be an insane bid for Bale or Muller to come out of left field. The Chinese will be restricted in their efforts for Costa and Hazard will be staying due to his injury I would guess.

I for one am glad. These unreal fee's need to be stopped for good.

{Ed001's Note - inflation will mean they only go up mate.}

11 Jun 2017 09:27:22
Personally I would like to see the transfer window open after the last major game of the year, usually champions League and then shut either the day before the season or if this doesn't work for all clubs around Europe then the 1st of August. That way, you then go through the season with the squad you have built and you have full access obviously to the youth.

The problem I see with a 14 day window is that I imagine some deals may take longer to complete then the 14 days, although I'm not sure why but negotiating fees, contracts etc plus if you are trying to tie up a number of deals, that is a short window to do it in but I like the principle of it.

With the window open all season my concern would be youth opportunities would be restricted even more because players might get injured and clubs could go in to the market rather than dip in to their youth options.

Just my thoughts though.

11 Jun 2017 10:05:08
I concur Ports but I think if you have a list management that has identified targets and sought out players who they know may be interested via third parties I see no reason why 14 days wouldn't be enough.

One window. One squad. One campaign.

11 Jun 2017 11:25:45
Morning everyone welcome to "The MAZE show ". 😆😆.

11 Jun 2017 13:43:28
You have missed me Bfro haven't you?

11 Jun 2017 18:57:09
Er . Let me think. NO 😆😆.



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