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07 Jun 2017 07:30:00
78m£ for Morata? Real should be crazy to demand such massive amount for someone who regularly sits on bench.
He is a quality player but anything over 45m£ is a joke. We already have bid more than it so i don't see us upping our bid. It is better to buy Aubameyang for 60m£ . He is actually the type of player who would lift us. He also is a Mourinho type of striker . I really hope we don't splash such crazy amount on Morata.

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07 Jun 2017 08:05:17
You need to not worry about money, in this day and age the difference between 45m and 60m isn't really worth us fans worrying about. A player is worth what a team will accept for them, we moaned for years that we didn't pay what was needed to attract top players that improve us and now we do we still see people moaning.

Prices in Football are totally different to what they used to be, it gets a bit boring and silly when people say 'so and so isn't worth x amount' which I hear all the time. We don't know enough about the finances to worry about it and I would rather it went on players than debt.

07 Jun 2017 08:21:49
Ludicrous - he signed for Juve in 2014 for £16m, then back to Real last year for £24m.

Yet his performances warrant over double what they paid for him last year and he is 4X more valuable now than 3 years ago? Give me a break, anything more then £35m and we are being ripped off again.

Just like with all those saying Depay was only £20m or Martial only £30m, handily forgetting all the add-ons to try and make it seem it's good business!

We'll probably agree to £30m now and then £30m over 5 years or something like that and loads of fans will be saying £30m for Morata is great business, when really yet again we are wasting money on nearly players, who have done very little to justify the extreme figures being asked.

Which other club would pay anywhere near £50m for Morata, no top club would touch him for that! Silly signing, risky signing and a massive waste of money. May as well stump up £100m for Bale or Neymar.

07 Jun 2017 08:56:02
there is a difference between moaning and being realistic. Just because we need players does not mean we need to pay way over to get them. I would be happy to pay 100million for messi kind of player. Someone who could be a game changer and i doubt morata is the one.
Further, huge the price tag, more will be the pressure. Sometimes pressure can easily get better of the player. If we are crazy enough to pay 78m£ for morata, we should be clever enough to pay 60m£ for Aubameyang which for me is far better player.

07 Jun 2017 08:58:33
Agree Beast
I would happily pay 100m for Neymar than paying 78m for Morata.
I know market is going crazy every year but 78m for Morata is totally a new height of craziness.

07 Jun 2017 09:35:27
If we could get Neymar or Messi for 100m I imagine we would buy both tomorrow.

07 Jun 2017 11:49:28
Leave it out and get my dinner on! Excuse my husband!

07 Jun 2017 12:08:58
Yes Real did sell him 3 years ago for £16m, but he was 21 with limited regular experience. He then went to Juve and did really well, had it not been for a clause put in the when Real sold him he would of been a £45m player comfortably in todays market.
Can I ask which striker you would go for instead, who doesn't already want to go elsewhere and who is attainable.


Why in gods name would you want Aubameyang?!?! Mourinho would punch him in the face. This is the player that took the day of a Champions League game off to go and get pissed in Milan! Terrible Professional!

07 Jun 2017 13:29:59
^^^ Morata did not do "really well" at Juventus. Not at all.

He's not even that good. It's only because he's on RM's books that some people have even heard of him.

07 Jun 2017 13:38:55
See what you are saying TSA but by that reckoning are we ok 'settling' for Morata due to all players more preferred going elsewhere?

Im a big believer in the 'its not my money' philosophy BUT £78mil for a player who was the only one available to us seems daft.

Plus, he is only worth 78mil to UTD, he's 50mil to the rest at best.

07 Jun 2017 13:50:54
Does it really matter what a player costs or who you could get for that amount? Mourinho clearly has a vision in his head of how he wants to play next year if he sees morata as the exact player to fit that system then his value becomes more so and the fact that we could by so and so for that is irrelevant, i would rather see mourinho overpay for players he sees as crucial to his system than big names who are only being bought to put bums on seats like signing falcao then never playing to his strengths or di maria and not playing him where he was so effective for madrid. If mourinho sees any player as crucial to his system and the money is there to buy them what does it matter how much he spends?

07 Jun 2017 14:02:59
TSA - I agree with Wazza, I don't rate him and I'd rather stick with Rash, Martial than spend £50+ on averageness. Spend that money elsewhere - £70m for Sanchez for example who can cover up top if necessary.

Wife - Some skill you have managing to post when I have you locked in the kitchen!

We shouldn't settle for a striker for that amount of money. Especially as they will hold back other talented players who had their chances limited by Ibra last season. Signing a player like Morata has the double blow of both being only half decent and taking out the potential we have at it's knees. Sacrifice Martial and Rash by all means, but only for a top draw striker, Morata isn't worthy - better to hold onto Zlatan as cover for another 6 months.

07 Jun 2017 14:50:45
Dan - Because Jose has wasted a lot of money during his managerial career on big signings that were not up to it. LVG provided a list as well and the same arguments were being made for him. I have no problem spending big money on big players, but big money on squad players or average is silly.

Money matters because it runs out and if you splash X amount of one player it may mean there isn't enough in the budget for Y player. Would be horrible to spend £60m on Morata only to be offered Sanchez for £60m or Cavani for £80m and then be left with not strengthening LB, CD or CM because we only have so much to spend and so many players to move on etc.

It also sends a message that we are happy paying big money for half decent players, it's why players we try to sign have a 30% Man Utd fee added, because we have been loud mouthed and reckless in the past, every agent and club thinks we are easy pickings and spending £60m on Morata would justify that view even further imo!

07 Jun 2017 15:51:46
I totally agree in that they are better players and they would excite me more if we were to sign them what i am saying is that mourinho obviously has an idea of how he wants to play next year and if he sees morata or anyone for that matter as ideal then there value to us increases exponentially i'm not saying i think £60m for morata would be a good deal what i am saying is that if mourinho sees him as an ideal fit for the system who are we to say its money poorly spent? Sanchez or cavani are different players and if he thought they fit the way he wants to play he would surely be interested in them? I think as fans we concentrate too much on transfer fees nowadays when in actual fact there becoming more and more meaningless. Look at the values for lukaku belotti etc its becoming the going rate for a prolific striker at that age.



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