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26 May 2017 05:32:55
So after winning Europa league I was randomly watching youtube for pundits reaction on our season. Most of them were positive but expecting more which is fair considering our standards.
Yet, when I saw craig bellamy in punditry box I was genuinely shocked. I even didn't know he was a pundit. He was completely negative about us and was constantly writing off us unless we sign numbers of worldie. For a moment It reminded of beast. Is beast indeed bellamy in disguise?
Anyway I would love to prove that moron wrong next season.
Cant wait for the signings and next season of football.

{Ed025's Note - bellendmy is a liverpool supporter srestha so i would not expect anything less, i think united do need to strengthen especially in defence but it will not take major surgery imo mate..

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26 May 2017 06:20:00
I too had a bad experience chatting with a Madrid fan.
Its very hard to back up your club Man United, when it's fallen so far behind than what it is supposed to be.
All the people think that we played dross football, but we didn't do that all the time, we have had good games.
Everyone says Pogba was a flop, like the biggest flop of all time (wasn't Kaka that? ), but if you see him closely, you know how close he was to scoring 4-5 goals more and assisting more if the strikers converted more chances.
And lately, he's got his scoring boots on and scored 2 in 2.
I really hope we draw the likes of Madrid, Juventus etc in the champions league group and show them what we are capable of.
We haven't been outplayed all season apart that 4-0 Chelsea loss, Jose mourinho will 4-5 players to Zlatan, Pogba, Mkhi and Bailly. Meaning potentially 7-8 in the first XI next season would be Jose players and DDG world class as Goalkeeper (I don't think he's going anywhere, would be stupid if he did) .
Our 6th place means crap as we could have 2nd in all honesty and weren't far off.
To everyone who underestimates us and thinks we don't play football are in for a rude shock next season.
Herrera handles pressing exceptionally, we have Fellaini and very possibly Zlatan who we can hoof up to and bypass the whole midfield of our opposition and potentially Griezmann, and any striking/ winger option we sign.
And winning the super cup, which would be very hard given the players wouldn't be adjusted to one other, but still would prove a lot towards it.
Jose never lost a final in 90mins, and I expect that record to continue when we play Madrid or juventus.

26 May 2017 06:31:00
I too think that Ed. I don't think we are that far away from having a top team. A top defender and a midfielder along with griezmann would be enough imo. I would like to see that scouser's jaw go wide open after our hopefully successful season .

{Ed001's Note - I watched the coverage and he never said any such thing. He actually said he expected you to sign world class stars, not that you needed to sign world class stars. His criticism was solely down to the style of play, nothing else. I am not sure you heard him correctly at all.

Funny how you are whining though when you are the one saying you need 3 top players! That is miles away from a top class side when you need 3, especially after spending obscene amounts of money each summer. Basically you have just said exactly what you moaned about Bellamy saying...}

26 May 2017 06:32:49
Absolutely Rohan. Sometimes when arguing with a rival fan, it feels like talking to a wall. With may me 3 or more jose signings, our team would very much look like jose team.
I reckon we would challenge for all the titles this season. Never been this optimistic.

26 May 2017 09:12:29
Tbh, Man Utd has a big reputation in modern football. You have a manager expected to win big but also needs world class players at his disposal to do that. And then there's Ed Woodward who loves his fair share of Galacticos.
If u lot cannot challenge for the BPL or UCl after spending such obscene amounts, did u honestly expect outsiders to shower the club with praise? As a club with supposedly unlimited funds, Jose and his cronies should be doing much better.
And don't even get me started on your lot's style of play. Absolutely boring and dry tbh. Fergie's teams (even with average players) had neutrals and haters both on the edge of their toes during Utd games, but its the complete opposite now.

{Ed004's Note - I understand why united get frequent criticism and a lot of it is is fair. However, you very rarely hear criticism of city who have spent more than United since both new manager have come in and Pep inherited a side which was better and considered by many to be strongest side in the league.}

26 May 2017 08:17:57
Sorry to hurt u Ed but i don't think he was reasonable. He was talking like EFL cup was not a cup and forget about Community Shield. I said we are 3 players away from competeting majorly in all fronts and i don't think that is too much. Even if we add 2 only top players then we still would be very strong. Is that a large addition of player? I don't think so. Bellamy always kept complaining about how far away our team was from a top side. It is natural you a liverpool fan and me a united fan won't be agreeing . But even check out the comment sections, large nos of people are on disapproval with him.
I know we have dropped to a large standards from our CL winning team but on our rebuilding phase now, it is silly to complain about.
We needed to win the final massively In finals, result are always important than performance. It is not like we played similarl all season. So i can understand and majority of pundits understood it so why can't bellamy understand it.

{Ed001's Note - no one lists Community Shield as a major trophy until they have nothing else, you never even wanted to be in Europa League yet now you are lauding it like it was the greatest achievement in the history of football. The EFL Cup? United fans have always taken the mickey out of anyone considering that worthwhile in the past. You have really sunk so low under Jose 'Dave Bassett Mark 2' Mourinho that trophies you considered beneath you are suddenly so wonderful.

You think United are anywhere near the level of a top side? Seriously? Then why do you need, according to you, three top players? Surely you would only need one, maybe two at a pinch? Perhaps finishing 6th, nowhere near the winners, is now considered success? I even saw some deluded soul on here say you weren't far off second! I give up if people are that insane that they think that this season's United team was anywhere near Spurs.}

26 May 2017 08:23:24
I listened to ed001 I didn't hear that if I'm honest srestha. He wasn't wrong with what he said.

26 May 2017 09:40:30
What rebuilding stage u lot are talking about? U just spent a world record sum on a supposedly world class player, made a world class striker in Zlatan the highest paid player in the BPL and signed the Bundesliga player of the year. And yet you finished 6th.
Man Utd failed miserably when it came to dining with big boys like City and Chelsea, but u take comfort in beating weaklings like Celta Vigo and Ajax for a trophy u constantly made fun of in the past. With this mentality, u lot will struggle to compete with the likes of Spurs and Arsenal let alone Real and Barca. Rebuilding is a phase for clubs like Spurs and Liverpool that have limited budgets to work with and need to turn to potential rather than proven quality because of a lower wage and transfer budget. When u spend madly like Utd have, a certain standard and style of play is expected. I don't see Bayern, Real or Barcelona making such excuses for rebuilding because they have access to the best players in the world (in terms of wages and transfer fees) and can compete regardless of the situation. The same rules apply for Utd.
And who said Pep has not been criticised? The man himself admitted his season has been a massive failure and he could have potentially gotten sacked at any other club after spending so much money. Unlike Jose, it was also his first season in the BPl so he should be given a little more leeway.
A top side plays with flair, confidence, dominance and wins against the big boys. Utd have done little to nothing of those this season. Spurs are years ahead of you with a marginal transfer kitty compared to Utd, so stop making excuses.

26 May 2017 09:50:08
"you never even wanted to be in Europa League yet now you are lauding it like it was the greatest achievement in the history of football. "

No we didn't but we are delighted to win it. Not hard to grasp.

"United fans have always taken the mickey out of anyone considering that worthwhile in the past. "

You love a sweeping statement don't you? Personally I love my team winning trophies large or small.

By the way Liverpool's treble was legitimate and a fantastic achievement.

Can we all be friends now?

26 May 2017 09:43:58
Ed001 is riled this morning 😉 Tbf to Ed he is right, these are the secondary trophies to be winning but in the scheme of where we are atm it's an important cup win, besides pundits will criticise as we've spent big money and more is expected of united than 6th. Onwards to next season.
A couple questions to Ed1 if I may, is it possible for united to be drawn with other English sides in next seasons CL, are we unseeded? And how far away do you think we are away from competing at the highest level? Cheers Ed.

{Ed001's Note - I am not riled mate, actually in a good mood. Luckily I slept really well on Wednesday night after watching United play. It is a great cure for insomnia these days. Apart from I keep getting dreams about someone shouting 'Hooooooooofffff'.

You go straight into the group stages, it is not decided until the final teams get in there as it comes down to the co-efficient thing. So I haven't looked to see if United's is enough to get them seeded or not so far. I believe the rules still block clubs from the same country being drawn in the same group.

With Jose, you should be in there next season competing, as he will spend what it takes. Mind I expected you to compete this season, so I could be completely wrong. You do need a defence, as you only have Bailly good enough and most of a midfield, as it is not powerful enough for Jose's style of play. Plus a forward. That is from being a Champions League winner though. For challenging for the Prem, you should not need much other than a left back and centre back. It really depends on how Rashford, Martial etc develop. There are a lot of players who could potentially be good enough, but they need to be given a lot more than matches at the end of the season when there is nothing riding on them, if they are to come on properly. Fergie used to often drop one into the team during the season for a match here and there. Jose needs to do a lot more of that.}

26 May 2017 10:03:20
Haha Ed001, for players like Martial and Rashford to develop, Jose needs to actually play to their strengths instead of resorting to hoofing it to Fellaini when desperately needing to score and running out of ideas. Jose will spend big to win trophies since its not going to happen with this current lot. They will probably get Griezmann, Kroos, Lindelof and others and maybe win something that actually counts as a 'big trophy' when making fun of other clubs for winning the EFL and Europa in the past.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair, hoofing it to Fellaini so he can flick it onto their pace was, to a degree, playing to their strengths.}

26 May 2017 10:11:12
Its still a c****y way to play with the talent at Jose's disposal. With the money spent, is that the best Jose could come up with? The likes of Lemar and Mbappe (not too dissimilar to Martial in style of play) have not done too bad without Fellaini in their ranks. There are much better ways to utilise Rashford and Martial's talents.

{Ed001's Note - it is the way Jose has always played, just that he no longer has a Drogba/Zlatan to fulfil the target man role. Long ball kick and rush football never died off in the 80s, it just moved to Portugal.

To be fair, Jose developed his ideas from being at Barcelona and looking at what worked best to defeat them. It has since become his go to plan in big games, but it is up to the opposition to find a way to beat it and make him need to change. I just hope someone does soon because it is so boring to watch such negativity when there is quality players like Pogba and Rashford who could play exciting and entertaining football.}

26 May 2017 10:29:51
Indian buzzer if you could play the way jose plays in the finals you would have won the trophy last season, 6th isn't great but we have 2 trophies to show for the season, remind me what you won? Boring or not we have 3 different trophies in a span of 12 months that's more than you lot have won in the last decade and this is when we are in our worst period in a long time.

26 May 2017 10:23:29
Hey Buzzer, how was it like winning the Europa last season under the greatest manager of all time? Oh jeez, sorry to have stepped on your wound. That's right, you failed to win that too. How was it to win the Mickey Mouse cup this season? Oh sorry, yeah you couldn't win that either. Did you win the league this season? Yeah may be next. You were lucky to scrape through 4th.
Also, you would be somewhat of any expert on this rebuilding thing. After all you have only been doing that for the past 30 or so years. The budget is because UNITED is actually a Brand that has developed and as for your once great club, well it has just gone down hill for 3 decades now and that has affected your budget. So stop complaining if we have the ability to buy and you don't. Welcome to modern day League football.

26 May 2017 10:24:43
Indian. I would have thought you had better things to worry about. No bigger fallen giant than Liverpool imo. They have spent plenty too and continue to win nothing. Nearly 30 years without a league title and klopp has not got you as close as Brendan. Imo his team looks miles off where you need to be too. No keeper no full backs no striker bit of a mess. Klopp is both tactically naive and inept at altering formation during a game.
Winning is winning. This drain was far from perfect. We could only win the Europa this season not the cl so winning it was a good thing. I don't want to win it again as I'd rather be in the cl but we were not so it was the 2nd biggest trophy we could win this particular season
Liverpool finished a couple of points ahead having played 20 less games and having spent a fair chunk of money btw Milner is one of the highest paid premiership players. But won nothing are not in the cl yet next season so Indian stop being a cowboy and concentrate on your own issues because imo you have a lot more to do than united to be back at the top table.

26 May 2017 10:50:54
Was this "hoof" type of football by the defenders not aimed at countering there 5 second rule press?
I don't get what the fuss is about really, especially from non utd fans.

Regarding the rebuild. Yes Utd have spent stupid amounts of money since Fergie retired, and a lot of those signings prior to Jose were garbage. Herrera and occasionally Mata being a exception, so yes for Jose it is a rebuild like any other manager coming in from the next needs to rebuild, do people think he's going to work miracles with other managers type players?

Joses 4 signings have been good solid signings and all 4 had a good season. he's clearing out the rubbish and getting a few more in what he wants. Next season will be the season to watch us closer.

26 May 2017 11:04:49
Haha, it hasn't been good at times I'll give you that, cheers for the reply Ed, a mate of mine was telling me we could be drawn against English teams which I wasn't in agreement with so will wait to see.
I agree on the defensive side of things, i am hoping that with a reinforced backline that Jose will trust his team to be a bit more expansive next term, even tho he will go to his gameplan in big games, not pretty but often gets the job done.
With big money spent again it will be interesting to see how much game time Rashford and Martial do get, lots of ifs and buts atm with a lot of players aswell i. e. Zlatan.

{Ed001's Note - from what I have been told, due to the points you picked up winning the EL, you will likely end up in Pot 2.}

26 May 2017 11:30:20
Ah right thanks ed, tbh it's just nice to see us in the draw again.

26 May 2017 12:15:30
Good post, Ken. You have to laugh, at Scouse fans of all people, coming on and lecturing anyone about failure. Scrape into the top 4, and suddenly they're feeling bold enough to come on other teams' sites, dishing out criticism and advice. Bless.

26 May 2017 12:37:39
Exactly Noucamp, the scousers are delighted with their trophy for finishing 4th and reaching the qualifying stages of the CL.

Last year Klopp was the messiah for reaching 2 finals in his first season. how many did he win?

26 May 2017 15:26:44
Indian Buzzer,

Jose came and sold three players LVG bought and bought 4 players of his own. isn't that rebuilding? If Jose already had a team of his own then it would be understandable but what u are talking is nonsense. Yes, we signed four players but how often did they play. Other than Pogba, others missed a lot. Zlatan got injured for so long, so did bailly and Mkhi also missed much of the start of the season.
And how is liverpool in rebuilding phase if we are not? You talk like you have never spent money on players. How many players did you buy? How much money did Klopp spent on players and how many trophies did you win. You came fourth and yet we still have 3 trophies to show while you have none and have directly qualified for Europa league. if we had no europa to deal with then I reckon we would be at least 12 points better than we are now.
Spurs have done exceptionally well but i disagree that we are way behind them. You seem to be jealous because we won the europa league but keep on watching buddy, after Mou gets the player he wants this window, we will be a real force.

26 May 2017 15:19:51
Ed 1,
I agree Community Shield and EFL cup are small trophies but aren't they trophies at all. I never said we won 3 big trophies but we won 3 trophies. There is a huge difference in it. On the other hand it is absolutely wrong to not consider them trophies at all.
As you said, I would not want Europa league but if we are there, should not we try to win it? Just like Liverpool wanted last season? Everyone would prefer Champions League over Europa all day

Yes I know we are 6th in the league and 6th team never can be considered as a top side but IMO to be a winning side you must have little bit luck also. I know it sounds as an excuse but how many of chelsea players did get injured this season? how many match did Hazard, Kante, luiz missed? they were extremely lucky with injuries and similar goes to leicester last season. We had numbers of injuries this season. Ibra missed nos of games, so did most of our defenders. Consistency is the key and injuries prevent it from happening. Further we created many chances and dominated many games which we could have won. I know it does not work like that it is what i think
I also never said we are a top top side now. I just don't think we are that far away. A single transfer window can be enough to make us title contenders. Wouldn't we be far from being a top side if we still needed more windows to get the team we want?

Sorry Ed, but can't agree with Bellamy at many points.

{Ed001's Note - when did I ever say you should not try and win them?

Injuries are not caused by luck, bad or otherwise, in the main. The main cause of injuries is incorrect training methods and lack of fitness. The reason Chelsea suffered so few injuries, same as West Brom, is because their players maintained a higher level of fitness through a tougher training regime. It is not luck.

You can disagree all you want, that's fine, but why make excuses?}

26 May 2017 15:43:30
I am not making excuses Ed, but Smalling and Jones got injured on international break (though they are very prone to injury) .
Bailly and Rojo got injured when they had to play every week, and how Ibra got injured should happen to non. Jose won the title season before with pretty same training methods i guess and there were very few injuries he had. How come these methods be incorrect now?

We played most numbers of games and a lot more than Liverpool. Chelsea had the luxury to rest full week and West Brom, what should I say.
I know it sounds as an excuse and you may call it but we were really unlucky. It is part of game but we were.

{Ed001's Note - Jose is not the fitness coach and he has a record of falling out with those at a club, he did so at Chelsea over the training and has done so at Man Utd. Perhaps he should try listening to people who know better than him?

It is excuses, you have the most expensively assembled squad in footballing history, yet you are whining about injuries. Sorry but that is no excuse, it ranks just below number of matches as the most pathetic and ridiculous non-entity of an excuse.}

26 May 2017 08:38:02
Ed 25 hope you are well mate. You say you don't think major surgery is required. But imo in order to conpete ww need 5 players minimum to be first team regulars and that's assuming ddg stays. Lb cb cm wing striker. That's half a team. Rash not strong enough or experience enough to be our only striker. We need pace wide. We need a lb urgently. A cb to partner bailly and a holdi 5 midfield player. Gnats nearly hslf a team. Still pretty major surgery.

{Ed025's Note - i think the midfield is fine ken, a left back and centre half yes but up front i would stick with rashford as the main striker and maybe purchase a target man for a change of tactics mate..

26 May 2017 09:42:41
Ed pretty Good summary. Not sure they're is anyone more bias for united than me.
But we need 5 or 6 new starters to be anywhere near a league wing squad.

I had a debate with jred and noucamp on here who both think we have a great squad in fact a better squad than both Chelsea and spurs. I feel that while entitled to their opinion gnat they are totally deluded. This is probably the poorest squad I've seen at untied for 25 years not withstanding the money spent on it.
No proper lb a right winger playing rb a midfielder playing cb. Fellaini playing regularly a 19 yo leaving our line a team devoid of pace leadership and quality.
Imo Jose got all he could from this lot in winning 2 cups and the shield but they are miles short of competing for either of the 2 major titles.
But if they do get the 5 Jose wants then he will have them competing
I've no doubt about that.

26 May 2017 17:41:53
haha. never realised there are so many levels of excuses for u.
Anyway, it is night here so got to go to bed as i don't think we are ever going to agree. It is always good having a healthy debate Ed.

{Ed001's Note - good night mate take care.}



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