13 Jan 2019 09:46:13
Going into today with a sense of optimism that has been missing for quite a while, yes we may lose but knowing we will go out and have a good crack at it fills me with hope and happiness.

Divine intervention could see us sitting 4th at the end of the day, who would have thought that possible a month ago.

We have a lot to be happy about and grateful for atm.

1.) 13 Jan 2019
13 Jan 2019 10:08:19
It would be some intervention. The most we can hope for is 5th on goal difference.
I agree about the optimism though mate. Player for player we can match spurs except at CB. Ole will be telling them exactly that. If spurs score 2 we can score 3. I’ve got a feeling this could be a very good game of football.

(FT 0-0 you watch)

2.) 13 Jan 2019
13 Jan 2019 10:10:30
It would definitely be a miracle if we're sitting 4th by the end of the day.

3.) 13 Jan 2019
13 Jan 2019 10:17:48
Only have to win by 4 clear goals lol.

4.) 13 Jan 2019
13 Jan 2019 10:21:29
Haha my mistake we can go above arsenal sorry guys 😊.