17 Aug 2015 11:31:44
On a post further down about the state of our club. I'm in total agreement with Red man and Stand United. There's nothing more that annoys me than the sight of citeh being top of the league and buying top players while we argue the toss whether we get Berahino so as not to upset rooney.
There's no one bigger than the club. If rooney is not performing then we need a top striker who will knock him off his perch. And if he doesn't like that then the door is wide open.
I'm getting mightly peeved off watching city buying top talent like Sterling and possibly buying de bruyne and otimendi while our manager is strutting out his philosophy bull. I don't want us to go and buy a "nearly "player. I would rather we let pereira and januzaj play if that's the case. But the fact of the matter is we do not have a top quality striker or right winger. We do not have a top quality cb. Our midfield, while very solid, does not possess a world class players (as schweini was 5 years ago).
And as red Man said, city are putting so much infrastructure in the club and it's future while we get loads of sponsorships and do little on that side. All the top youngsters are choosing city academy as they've gone out of their way to advertise it. I kept thinking United will reply by announcing our own academy our own club with the fantastic history. But there's been total silence on that front.
The club does not seem to have a football direction any longer. All we have is owners and their men who are very good at getting sponsorship deals. We don't seem to want to show the good side of our club. Instead, every day we hear a story about how unhappy ddg is or how Rafael felt unloved, or how city have got the young player development at heart. Our marketing dept needs to start working overtime to project the right image. Our management team need to work day and night to have a long term plan to get the club back where it belongs.
All we hear these days are people refusing to sign for us, Lvg fighting with players, ex players slagging the club. It is worrying in the extreme and someone needs to look at the bigger picture.

1.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 12:14:38
Top post. Best I have seen on here in a while.

2.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 12:20:25
Great post absolute spot on from start to finish.

3.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 12:36:41
I think when your first response is from MAZE saying its a top post you are in trouble.

There are parts of that post I agree with, but one thing that I have to question is the part about 'people refusing to sign for us' which to me is just nonsense. If you believe the press we have tried to sign 150 players so far this summer, obviously only 5 or 6 of them are going to sign for us so that means the press can say 140+ of these players turned us down. They love nothing more than making out United are on the way down and then we get people believing what they write.

I know as well as the club knows that we need a top striker, I pointed out to you the other day, don't you think we are trying to sign someone but struggling to get the player we want, the last thing we need is to overpay on a player who isn't good enough and you would be the first person to complain when that player turns out to be not very good.

I also think we should wait until August 31st to look at the transfer window as a whole, we signed 3 players in 2 days earlier in the summer, so it is possible we could still be very active and posts like this will look a bit silly.

4.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 12:42:19
The usual knee jerk reaction nonsense.

5.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 12:44:32
Periods of change are often hard, we have gone from being the most successful team in the EPL to one that's struggling. At the end of SAF tenure a lot of fans were asking for more modern European tactics don't forget.

The club made a huge mistake in Moyles, he was advised to keep the back room staff but also needed to show he was the boss. It was a very difficult position.

Add to that we had an ageing squad and bought poorly over two windows means the task of the new manager and Cheif Executive was a very very difficult one.

In LVG we got what we needed, a guy who can make the hard decisions, who can steady the ship and undertake a rebuilding excercise whilst improving the clubs league and European position. Task one has been completed, the club has got European football.

Reshaping the CLUB, scouting, youth teams, football systems etc takes time. From information in the press I understand that the scouting system has been improved, we play the same tactics all through the youth ages now, thus meaning the players we develop fit with our style of play.

In rebuilding the first team, it's enevitable you will upset people playing and non playing as you are affecting personal relationships and people may not buy into or understand why things are changing.

Last season our midfield was weak we all knew it and it's been addressed. We can see issues up top and the club/LVG have said they want to bring in a forward. LVG has also spoken about a lack of pace and creativity up top. This says to me the club know the issues and want to address them.

In conclusion, we are improving, weak areas are being addressed and we look much stronger than last season. HOWEVER we are still a work in progress, change is difficult and takes time. The most important thing is the result, we can improve the entertainment value as the other issues are addressed.

Just because it's different to the football we were used to during the SAF era doesn't mean it's wrong.

6.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:05:11
First off , not saying I'm a massive lvg fan but he is definitely not the type of manager that would worry about upsetting ANYONE Rooney included.he has proven this time and time again,even this season with rvp
At the moment he is our best option upfront so that's why he is playing, also there is a fair chance we will bring in another striker which would cancel your first point out anyway.
'watching city buy top talent like Sterling' well that is opinion , don't get me wrong not saying he's awful but £50 million is a lot to pay for a player who falls under the 'nearly' catagory you were moaning about too because he's not the finished article so It seems a little hypercritical .
I had to work at the Ethiad recently and yes its really impressive , but this was done with money the club can't possibly earn off their own merit , that money gets pulled for whatever reason and they sink , we are financially the soundest team in the league because our revenue is streaks ahead and our fan base is too, you cannot buy that , it has to be earn'd .

What annoys me is fans like you to be honest,I appreciate you want the club to be successful and to be the best we can be and I appreciated you have a lot of love for the club .But like loads of other posters on here you also strike me as a spoilt kid. You support the most succesful english team in history who are going through a transition period.its only two years since we won the league, if you demand this level of success then why shouldn't Arsenal ,Chelsea and man city who also have plenty of money , they can't all win can they.
We are back in the champions league and are steadying the ship , if you do not like leg then relax because after next season he will be gone.
I think he's done a good job. we look really hard to beat and do look solid at the back, we bore teams to death with our posession football but we are winning.
Damian looks like a world class right back , the 2 sch's look pretty settled in our midfield and we definitely look a lot more solid.
We will buy more players and we will continue to get better.

I truly believe there can be no pleasing supporters like you , you cannot guarantee success just because our club is called Manchester United.
Its embarrasing reading some of these posts.
Chelsea win their first two games and all your points would be switched to examples from their team.
The grass is never greener and personally I'm so pleased and happy that I support a proper football team that has built its reputation up to become the greatest sports team ever.

7.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:06:42
You guys need some new scripts. It is getting boring reading the same hackneyed posts abut City being great and we so poor.

Anyone would think we lost our first two games of the season.

Support your team and stop moaning all the time.

I am all for banter and opinions, but the fawning over City and the constant criticism of our team is starting to p.s. me off now.

"Buying all the top talent" lol
So we don't have top Youth talent? Januzaj anyone?

8.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:06:46
City is doing what exactly with its academy? The owners despite the debt have freed a lot of cash to be invested in the players. Its upto the football side of the club to manage what and what not to do with the cash, to buy who and offer contracts to which academy prospects. I don't want to even start with the prospects we have with our club right now in the first team squad and academy. Ultimate propaganda to say everything is in crisis. Team building does not happen overnight. LVG is basically starting from scratch, and has made very brave decisions to let some average players leave. You are upping the scale of utter dross here.

9.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:08:44
Brilliant post and best I have read in a long time.

Our club with it's famed youth academy hasn't produced a world class academy graduate since 1992!! 23 years!!

John O'Shea, Wes Brown, Danny Welbeck, Darren Fletcher. all good solid players but world class? No!

City are not only buying top class 1st team players but are putting MASSIVE funds into the club infrastructure for the future. If you go to East Manchester it's like Man City land!! They have bought an entire postcode of Manchester and are building jaw-dropping facilities both for the club and residents. whilst Utd try and get foreign companies to sponsor the training ground canteen!!

Utd need a young, hungry top class manager

The 1st team need a GK, CB, RM & Striker

The academy needs to start producing quality players able to challenge first team members for places, not just one's the club can sell to League One teams for £1.5m!!

10.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:12:22
Rewz- I could understand all of that if the LVG philosophy lives on longer than the 1-2 years he has left. What are the chances on the next manager wanting everything to run how LVG has it from top to bottom?

We should do this with a young manager who we intend to keep for a long time, not a dinosaur who is unlikely to leave much of a relevant legacy imo.

It's all a waste of time, rebuilding everything for a guy that has a very strange way of doing things that won't be hear long.

11.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:20:58
Thank god it wasn't just me then after the initial response from Jmb and nach agreeing with everything because it's a negative post.

Rewz, your post is the one I would say I can relate to most here, really good response without getting too annoyed at what was written.

12.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:23:07
Well said Redatheart.

13.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:36:06
I think Jack Rowley has just added a real good post as well.
Good post mate.

Good post nomid, it is always good to spark a debate with many different views.

14.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:47:29
This love in for City is embarrassing.

15.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 13:48:25
Sam, in regards to your comment about where the top talent is going, there's an article I read a few weeks ago saying how all the young players, and I mean young as in 16+, not 21 like adnan, are choosing city's academy over ours because of all the facilities they have and I believe they also pay for their education too, so we will see more youngsters at our club than city breaking into the first team now but in a few years it may be the other way round. I think we should invest in our acady without a doubt we have more money than anyone let's use it wisely.

16.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 14:16:38
Andy, I know City have infested a lot in recent years and it is something that should be commended as it has helped rejuvenate the local area and has given youngsters the opportunity to express their talent and give them a solid foundation to grow from. That said, how many off the lads will end up in City's first team down the line?

I honestly think that unless some sort of law is brought in that forces the top clubs to use the younger players in their starting line-ups on a regular basis, we won't see a high number of young talent playing at the top clubs; not while said clubs are allowed to spend millions on ready made players.

17.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 14:38:59
LOL - I meant to say invested not infested. Probably more a subliminal slip than a typo.


18.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 15:11:50
Agree with that, a quota for a starting 11 would help improve the chances local lads get, but what I was getting at is that there's only a small pool of talent to choose from so we can't afford to let the best youngsters go to city or we will really struggle to promote youth through into the first team.

19.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 15:15:46
Hi Beast, I'm no expert on Barce or Bayern but from what I understand one of LVG's best legacy's from both was the impact he had on their club structure. Pep has said on Many occasions that LVG's philosophy is the basis of his own, possession being used as a tool to manipulate space which is exploited quickly and the emphasis of the transition period.

If We are playing 4-3-3 possesion based football throughout the youth groups one would assume we will end up with some very technically gifted players.

You are correct about what about when he's gone. This will need to be handled carefully by the board and the selection process will need to take into account the managers style of play as you could effectively be undoing all of LVG's work. Much like Moyes did and that didn't go to well. Someone like Pep and I'll get slated for this Monk (assuming he can win something over the next couple of years) who already base the way they work on how it appears we are trying to operate will make the transition a smooth one.

You have to assume the club have a long term strategy, they know they have LVG for 3 years. It would be terrible business management on the clubs part not to have a succession plan that's taken all of this into account.

20.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 17:12:14

"There's nothing more that annoys me than the sight of citeh being top of the league and buying top players while we argue the toss whether we get Berahino so as not to upset rooney."

BTW Berahino is very goose striker and i would be delighted to see him in a united shirt.

Is this a fact or some posters view mate. Do you actually believe it could be possible and any player in the team has any say in terms of who we buy or sell, if you do you are naive.

Has city bought DeBryne and Ottamendi? Did people here not scream and throw their toys out last year when we turned down Mangala and city paid 35 million for him and how did he turn out for them?

We were stupid last year with the Di- Maria and Falcao purchase, i prefer we don't repeat that by just buying for the sake of buying.

I do agree the manager is weirdo and his approach and handling of players leaves a lot to be desired and he is not a long term manager for us.

I would be happy to see Pedro signed and a Goalie and think we have a very good team.