17 May 2019 10:41:46
Sky sports reporting we're interested in Newcastle's Sean longstaff . McTominay and longstaff midfield pairing of dreams eh! 😂.

{Ed002's Note - That would be an OGS choice if true.}

1.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 11:02:10
Solid midfield for the Championship if true 😂.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair, Longstaff has been excellent for Newcastle.}

2.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 11:07:22
Cheers Ed haven’t seen that much of him but not sure he’s United material . but then again what is United material anymore!

{Ed001's Note - he was probably Newcastle's outstanding player of the season to be fair to the lad. Only Almiron could be said to have made as much of an impact.}

3.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 11:18:00
I know Ed - very tongue in cheek. I’d rather good quality young lads any day with a sprinkling of experience in there than overpaid “stars”.

{Ed001's Note - that is always what I think of as the United way too.}

4.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 12:12:53
What kind of midfielder is Longstaff? Haven't had the chance to watch his this season.

{Ed001's Note - very similar to McTominay, tall, leggy but not quite settled into a role and could play a number of them.}

5.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 12:35:43
this site is laughable at times

go and sign young players people said.

now we are looking at that people still find something to slag off.

we have a small squad and many of the squad will leave in the summer

no doubt we will make a few big money signings but not ever player needs to be in there prime for a ridiculous amount.

to be successful we need a mix

people wanted a long term plan. let's see what happens.

6.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 12:37:33
Call him longstaffinho and people would be loving this, another player who would work hard and grow into playing for us, I’d love it if this is the transfer policy mixed with a couple of high priced signings.

7.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 12:49:14
So bit of a cover/ rotation option capable of covering multiple roles. Sounds a handy type of player to have. Already knows the league. No language or cultural issues in settling. Sort of signing we used to do all the time. Back to basics.

8.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 12:53:41
Thanks Ed001. I find McTominay outstanding in his attitude, but technically, a player who mostly keeps it simple. But I must admit, he has grown as a player with more minutes. I will have to research some more on Longstaff.

{Ed001's Note - he is worth watching, he is growing as a player as well. Shame he got injured when he did.}

9.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 13:14:32
Ed, what kind of player Sean longstaff is? If you can tell us about his playing style and attributes.

Thanks in advance.

{Ed001's Note - it is difficult to say because he has been given different roles. Initially when I saw him he was very like Matic, tall and frontscreening the defence. However I saw a couple of games later that he was performing a more box-to-box role and showed he had a good strike on him and played some lovely insightful passes too. He has yet to really develop into a style of playing and is still young enough to be moulded.}

10.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 13:30:02
A good signing for United then you think Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - yes, but only if he is part of a rebuild rather than the whole of it.}

11.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 13:33:32
Ed001, What's your opinion on McTominay as a player? What role do you think he will settle into?

{Ed001's Note - I like him, he has a lot to offer. I think he is one of those players who could slot in wherever he is asked to but I do think his height will keep him from being as mobile as he would need to be to play box-to-box or high up in a high press. So I can see him ending up as an old-fashioned all round central midfielder or a holding mid.}

12.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 15:17:02
Haven't seen much of him then goes on to say not sure Man Utd material hmmmm.

13.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 15:24:34
Was about to post exactly the same thing GDS. We tend to assume that a young player from abroad with an exotic name has to be better than a working class lad from Newcastle,
Of course arguably our most famous player, sir bobby, came from up norf!

14.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 15:46:55
I doubt they want to sell or he wants to leave but interesting if that's the direction. Young British players who can grow with hopefully some top quality pro's in alongside.

15.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 19:30:54
For forbid we suddenly have a strategy!

16.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 20:15:45
We can’t get any worse I like the way it’s going if we sign these 2 players. Build a young fit side who can grow together.
Spend the big money on a centre half and hopefully it will gel together.