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18 Jan 2017 06:57:25
Hi all, thanks to the eds as always for the site. Ed could you give us a bit of further info on Luke Shaw's situation please. Reports today suggesting he'd be allowed to leave?

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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any "situation" and there is no chance of him being sold in January. In the summer there will be a number of players moving on and it is possible that Shaw could be assed to that list. I am not aware of any sides showing an interest in him at all.}

18 Jan 2017 07:24:44
is there any truth to the tierney links from celtic or selling shaw in the summer? i certainly wouldn't like to see shaw leave.

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16 Jan 2017 18:19:13
do people still think we will sign a few this window

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{Ed025's Note - i dont myself jred, maybe 1 but i would be surprised if any more mate..

16 Jan 2017 18:24:19
ed, I've never been convinced we would do much in jan . i think jose will go big in the summer
but there might be a surprise yet

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{Ed025's Note - summer seems the one for me as well jred, there might be a surprise in this window but its not a great time to buy mate..

16 Jan 2017 22:30:41
It's looking less likely I have to admit. The form of jones and rojo has been a pleasant surprise bailly is 4 weeks away. Clubs don't want to sell. I'm sure Jose is working hard on his preferred summer targets. His squad is working for him and he might not want to rock the boat just now unless it's the 100% right player

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16 Jan 2017 22:34:14
i agree ed you don't tend to see many b8g deals in jan.
jose seems happy with his squad and i can see why .
its top end quality i think he might be looking at and that's prob the summer

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{Ed025's Note - i agree mate..

17 Jan 2017 09:14:26
More often than not you have to massively over pay for very middle of the road players in January. Its not a good market unless your desperate.

I think we might see Fonte come in at most, with maybe a deal agreed for Lindelof to move in the summer. I don't expect much more than that.

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16 Jan 2017 15:15:55
Hi Ed's, can you see anymore MU players outbound in January?

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{Ed004's Note - Potentially Depay and Schweinsteiger}

17 Jan 2017 09:14:31

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15 Jan 2017 00:26:32
sevilla want rashford on loan.

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15 Jan 2017 01:57:29
Well they'll just have to want then.

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15 Jan 2017 05:20:01
If in it is true which i doubt it is as it is being reported by the sun, i think sevilla are obsessed, first martial now rashford, there are 100 other teams 100 other strikers who they could actually buy rather than trying for players they will never get. Next i suppose they will want zlatan on loan the way this going.

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15 Jan 2017 09:13:11
Have we offered them Rooney?

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15 Jan 2017 11:14:15
They don't want him bren

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15 Jan 2017 12:05:40
Brendan 😂😂😂

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15 Jan 2017 12:50:45
the 3 stooges ^^

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13 Jan 2017 19:14:26
Hopefully this Costa incident is the trigger for the much needed Chelsea collapse. Win on Sunday and everyone will be scared that we are coming for them.

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{Ed025's Note - my fear beast is that they may make a move for lukaku now, he would jump at the chance imo mate..

13 Jan 2017 20:52:24
We, I really don't rate Lukaku, I know he can sometimes bully CBs and score dramatic goals but generally he looks like a fat lump blundering around. Just my view of course.

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{Ed025's Note - thats very nasty and short sighted of you AJH...but very true.. :)

13 Jan 2017 22:07:38
He's like that heavily made up blonde on a night out who looks very tasty until you get her into the light, beer googles at their most seductive.

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13 Jan 2017 22:10:18

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14 Jan 2017 03:46:48
If costa is sold or even just has a falling out with conte, we really need to beat liverpool, as i was hoping and i think most utd fans will agree, if we aren't able to win the league it is better if chelsea do it rather than one of city or liverpool.

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14 Jan 2017 11:16:54
Lukaku is perfect for Chelsea's system but he's no Diego Costa. I can't see them letting him go this January though although a summer deal makes sense.

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14 Jan 2017 12:13:23
I know Costa is expensive but £80 million for a coffee is just ridiculous.

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14 Jan 2017 14:26:04
I'm not sure about timing but I read that the Chinese are going to be clamping down big time on the money being spent by their clubs, as a means of capital controls (just doing it with Bitcoin now) . So maybe there is a major timing factor involved, possibly a one time opportunity for the start of their new season.

Possibly why the amounts in question seem so desperate and why Costa is trying to force a move now. Just speculating of course.

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14 Jan 2017 19:56:59
Costa isn't trying to force his way out.

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15 Jan 2017 01:30:24
i hope costa stays where he is (and stops scoring) because if he leaves they might bid for moussa dembele of celtic.

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15 Jan 2017 13:36:29
hmm Jackson, who knows what to believe. Quite a coincidence we were only talking of something like this the other day. That said you still smashed Leicester and have a £30m striker rotting on the bench, so still need a few more spanners in the works to give us a sniff.

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16 Jan 2017 19:38:40
Hope he stays. He's saved my dream team this season.

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12 Jan 2017 16:25:06
Ed2, a little while ago you said you expected the Lindelof deal to go through, despite it having one hurdle to still overcome. Is this still the case, or is the deal dead in the water? Thanks as always

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{Ed002's Note - There are no remaining issues it is just a matter of the clubs agreeing a fee and the player agreeing terms.}

12 Jan 2017 17:10:58
are Benfica difficult to negotiate with?

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{Ed002's Note - No, they set a price and wait for it to be agreed.}

12 Jan 2017 18:14:25
Sounds fair.

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12 Jan 2017 19:57:49
Thanks Ed.

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11 Jan 2017 11:04:02
I imagine semedo for the right back position, 002 are we actively looking at left backs also? Seems Mr Mourinho doesn't rate shaw. Thanks for the reply anyway Ed.

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{Ed002's Note - Not right now.}

11 Jan 2017 09:19:03
A player under mentioned on the site, Darmian. Whether he will be kept or not is yet to be seen however he has kept his mouth shut when not played and on the bench. Hasn't set the world a light but has put a decent shift in a couple times this season. Although I do think he will be sold, it would be a shame he never fulfilled the potential he had.

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{Ed002's Note - He is on the outbound list for the summer. The club are not able to replace him before then.}

11 Jan 2017 09:28:07
Cheers Ed002, who is on the short list to replace him?

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{Ed002's Note - Listen to the Sharkopod.}

11 Jan 2017 11:19:48
Think Ed said it was Benfica's Semedo Shappy

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11 Jan 2017 12:01:30
Also mentioned that there was a lot of interest in Fabinho (Monaco) but he would not leave in Jan so if no RB in Jan then he may be an option for the summer with Semedo being the other option.

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11 Jan 2017 12:50:49
Cheers Ed002, I've had a listen just wondered if you had become aware of any other options since recording it.
Thanks again for tHe reply.

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{Ed002's Note - It'll be the summer.}

11 Jan 2017 21:53:27
Tried searching for the sharkopod but can't find it
is it the one from a few weeks ago or is there a more recent one?

Thanks again ed :-)

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{Ed025's Note - just type in sharkopod on google mate..

12 Jan 2017 23:27:15
Thanks ed

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{Ed025's Note - no problem mate..

10 Jan 2017 05:06:01
Few articles discussing Rakitic to City then Guillem Balagué said that city don't have a solid interest after all BUT the player was offered to them and would be available.

Wouldn't he be a potential target for the passing midfielder role we all want filled?

Seems odd his name hasn't come up in relation to United when pretty much everyone else's had. Would be a very handy addition I reckon.

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10 Jan 2017 07:24:34
Who would you drop: Pogba or Herrara? I think we need to replace Carrick as a priority (due to age not performance) . Although Herrara can deputise there, I fear he would be found out (in the deeper role) against elite opposition.

As much as I like Rakitic, I don't think he is what we need.

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10 Jan 2017 07:29:42
We will probably find out in the summer just how much Jose trusts herrera in that position.

Does he think he is the man for the job long term or is he the best man for the moment?

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10 Jan 2017 14:29:48
Herrera is doing well in his current role an him an pogba is working. Carrick is the priority

As for Ballague if he told me the sky was blue i'd go to the window for a second opinion.

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